A Quick Recap

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

Hello, hello! Wow, I feel like I haven’t done this in forever. It is hard to find things to write about when I don’t do anything anymore.. I always thought I would have all this time to write while being done school. Good one. Too bad I have no inspiration or even good stories to tell.. Anyhow, moving on.

I really haven’t been doing too much at all this week, but I did manage to take some photos on what I HAVE been doing – which isn’t a lot.

PicMonkey Collage

Reminisce. Earlier in the week, my mom informed my sister and me that she has these giant scrapbooks filled with out crap stuff from throughout the years. She pulled them out and we went through them. In mine I found a journal entry I wrote from 1999; I was 7. Things seemed a lot simpler back then. Best day of my life was when my sister was shipped to a birthday party, my dad bought a new car and I got “McDonllds”

Drink. I needed a change of scenery so I went to Starbucks for a few hours. I took my computer and people watched as I sipped my drink. It was an awesome time killer for a few hours. Then I was the only one left in there and it wasn’t as exciting not having anyone to watch.. Oh, in case you are wondering – Venti Passion Tea Lemonade, Classic with 6 pumps raspberry…. It tastes like summertime in my mouth. Fun fact, the second time Jamie and I hung out – does that classify as a date? –  that was the drink I ordered. We got to the car, drove about 3 minutes down the road and I was finished it. He offered to take me back to get a new one. Thats probably when I knew it was true love…. And no, I did not take him up on the offer..

Feel. The weather has been uber crappy this week. It has thunder stormed for 3 days. This morning around 6:30 it was even snowing a little bit, which is weird even for Canada. Its super cold today also, have my fuzzy pjs on, long sleeves and socks.

Play. We went to Jamie’s lacrosse game. My dad downloaded a fog horn app.. I am just going to leave it at that.

Indulge. Yeah, I had McDonllds and it was amazing.

Wear. Trying out an old favourite this week. OPI’s “La Paz-itively Hot” Its a matte colour but I put a high gloss top coat on top.

Read. “Bloom” – Kelle Hampton. Amazing book. It is about the first year of her daughters life while coming to terms with her Down Syndrome. Get it. Read it.

Eat. I ate breakfast a few times this week – HUGE news for me.

Smell. Bath and Body Works “Sun Tan”. Smells like summer. I love it.


I have been listening to one song on REPEAT. I am in love with it. I am sure you have heard of it, or at least the story behind it. Zach Sobiech’s story was featured on SoulPancake on YouTube. He was diagnosed with cancer and he decided to not allow it to defy him but instead live his life to the fullest. He left the song “clouds” behind to his loved ones, as his final goodbye. He passed away this week. Last time I checked the song has over 5,000,000 views. You can hear the song here, or view his whole story here. If you download the song from iTunes the proceeds go to cancer research; the song is currently number 1!!

Zach’s biggest message was living like you will die tomorrow and to live to the fullest potential. So…..


As Kelle Hampton beautifully added to her book.



6 thoughts on “A Quick Recap

  1. I saw that video earlier this week and it was almost too much for me to watch. I came pretty close to crying. I’m listening to the song now.. so positive. What a truly awesome person. Love your “best day ever” find, and I’m intrigued by the candle scent – definitely need to check that out.

    • I got the candle of clearance at the end of last summer, you might have to try amazon or ebay. Its different, not a scent I am used to burning but it smells like summer.. sun screen mixed with tanning lotion.. mmmm.

    • I know, its beautiful! It reminds me of tanning lotion mixed with sun screen. I will be sad when its over.. Bloom was fantastic. The hard cover one (the one I read) I would recommend over the paperback as it was full of photos which caused a more emotional read as you see the photo connections. I read it in a day!

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