A Quiet Weekend Getaway

“There are not enough days in the weekend” – Rod Schmidt

A few months ago Jamie planned a weekend getaway for us. We were tossing around ideas such as Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, and Collingwood. We ended  up deciding against Niagara falls as we have been many times before. Niagara on the Lake was also voted out as I wanted to stay at a B&B but who wants to eat with random strangers? Not us. Call us anti-social. Eventually we decided to go the Deerhurst Resort, which is located in Huntsville. We arrived home on Sunday and were thoroughly impressed with our decision. We had a blast and will definitely be going back!


We left Saturday morning for the 2.5 hour drive up north. It wasn’t a bad drive at all, despite having nothing to look at but trees. I am a total city girl and was completely out of my element. I mean, I screamed with excitement when I saw a turtle and a BEAVER walking and breathing on the side of the road. It was like I was at a zoo similar to African Lion Safari which you drive though, except with county animals and not lions, tigers and bears – oh my! It was an overcast and very grey day so the drive up was a dull shade. It was more like night-time as for whatever reason I wore sunglasses for most of the drive..


We arrived in Huntsville just before 1:00, so we had to explore what it had to offer as check in was not until 4:00. It was a cute little town which had a bunch of stuff going on in the “downtown area”. Unfortunately we did not have the option to look around as we could not find a parking spot and who wants to walk 10 KM just to get to the main strip? So instead we found a Crabby Joes. Neither of us have ever been to one, and it was a great experience, especially for the alcohol. I had a Jolly Rancher Martini, which tasted just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher – which is my second favourite Jolly Rancher flavour (cherry being number 1). I had a Thai Chicken Sandwich with a side salad and Jamie had a (something) Burger with fries.


After lunch we decided to try the downtown area once again to (unsuccessfully) find a parking spot. After our failed attempt we decided to go to the resort and see if we could check in early, or in worst case look around until the room was ready. To our surprise our room was ready. There was a book left out which outlined all of the activities which were on the resort which we could partake in. We received a $100 credit which we could you anywhere on the resort for activities/dinner/alcohol etc. I am not a nature lover so I didn’t want to do any water activities or hiking or anything like that. Reflecting back, Jamie didn’t even ask if I wanted to do any of it. They highlighted a live show which was called “the Decades”, the start in the 1950s and move to present day music wise. I called the activity desk and reserved out tickets for later that night.


We went exploring before dinner, and just like I yelled when I saw the beaver and turtle, I did the same thing when I found a groundhog. I was very sneaky and quiet and documented just how close I could getting to the groundhog which I lovingly named Herman.


After my exciting animal adventure, Jamie and I decided to go to the bar and have a few drinks before dinner.. I had Sangria and Jamie had “Iced Tea” which was just pure alcohol. A nice couple ended up sitting across from us at the bar. I ended up getting (slightly) tipsy and I couldn’t stop talking about the animals I saw, and how much I love donkeys. Not one of my finest moments.


After the bar we went up to our room to get ready for dinner. We went to a restaurant called “The Maple”. It was really nice. I wanted to try something slightly different so weirdly enough I opted for the “Israeli Couscous Salad” and Jamie got fish and chips. The waitress said she loved the Israeli salad. Then I saw the dinners coming towards us. Well, I saw Jamie’s dinner which looked mouth watering. My salad was the size of an appetizer, amazing but small. I was completely okay with that though as Jamie shared some of his delicious fish.


We had about an hour to spare after dinner before we had to go to the show. The package we opted for when be made our reservations came with a bottle of wine and some “romance food”. We were back in the room about 10 minutes when the nice man came baring out gifts. As my dinner wasn’t as large as I thought I ended up eating one of everything.


We went to the show which was absolutely amazing. I would go back just to see the show again – it was that good. We wanted to get some snacks for the room after the show but the store was closed which forced us to take a tour into Hunstville – could you believe 2 gas stations AND a Tim Horton’s were closed? I didn’t even know Timmy’s closes!!!!! We found a Mac’s Milk and got some snacks, went bad to the room, I read a book and Jamie watched the game before I passed out.


We took our time moving on Sunday which is unusual for us. We toured around a little more. We were unable to tour the building too much the day before as there were 2 weddings taking place. I had no issue crashing them, we had dress clothes with us, but Jamie didn’t feel right about it and declined. I couldn’t attend a wedding without a date, SO I too, was unable to go. We found this gorgeous balcony which overlooked the water. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, so we were able to get some really nice photos!


After our little tour was over we decided we should check out and head home. The drive home was so different than going there as the sun was out and shining.


We had a blast and would definitely recommend it to anyone. We will be going back, especially to see the decades show. It was fabulous. It was a great weekend!!


Where do you like to go for a weekend getaway??



3 thoughts on “A Quiet Weekend Getaway

  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! We do a lot of weekend trips – there doesn’t need to be as much to do as for a full-week vacation, and you get to see a lot of cool places as a result. I love going to Florida for the weekend, but that’s usually to see family. Atlanta was the best weekend getaway we’ve had that was just us.

    • I completely agree with the being able to do and see more over numerous weekends than one, one week vacation. Florida for a weekend, wow, thats awesome! Slightly too far for us.. I have anyways wanted to go to Georgia, I have been going through a weird obsession with southern USA – I blame Friday Night Lights… I am dying to go to Charleston, although that is definitely a much larger trip.

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