Grey’s and Donkey Loving

“I’ve decided that donkeys are universally cute… When you pet their noses, they blink their eyes and bashfully look away as if embarrassed. And when donkeys hee-haw, they have their mouths and lips curled up as if they are smiling.” –  Johnny Rico

Wow, I haven’t gone this long from blogging (or even signing in) ever. I have been suffering from really bad bloggers block, not to mention the real other reason – 12 days ago, I started watching Grey’s Antatomy on Netflix… I won’t say much more besides the fact I started season 7 today, and all my tweets in the past 12 days were consumed with Greys, and informing Taryn over at PeaceAndPizza what guest stars I recognize, I am sure she is about to block me… I am such a loser. Seriously though, that seems to be the majority of the conversations I have been having with friends lately…


Yesterday though, I took a slight break to read up about my favourite animal. I have never been super open about this because people generally give strange looks when I bring it up.. So I am going to go public with this… Yes, my favourite animal is a donkey. Just thinking about them make me shriek with excitement. Have you seen that video of Kristen Bell with the sloth? That excitement she feels for sloths, is like me with donkeys… Like I said, I am such a loser.

Anyways, I was googling donkey images and then I thought to myself “hmmm, I wonder if there is a donkey sanctuary or donkey petting farm around me”….. well, one thing led to another, and I was pitching a day trip to Jamie.



He agreed and I was just ecstatic. I AM GOING TO A DONKEY SANCTUARY. We just have to pick a date and we are gone. It is about 3 hours away so it will be a nice little day trip with a whole lot of donkey loving.

It gets better though, I started doing more research on this sanctuary.. I learned the best news of all. Jamie didn’t seem half as excited as I was, but I don’t think we share the same passion for donkeys.



I am so pumped for all of this. It’s crazy that this sanctuary is so close to us. Apparently it is the donkey sanctuary of Canada, which makes it even crazier that it is so close. I am thrilled!!!!!

What have you been up to??
Do you love donkeys? What is your favourite animal if it isn’t a donkey???


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