Practicing Excited Faces Because Of Pizza

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” Β – Mark Twain

One of the downfalls of doing nothing but watching Grey’s for the past two weeks, is that they are almost always eating pizza. Due to this, I have been craving nothing but pizza. Thankfully, Pizza is one of Jamie’s favourite foods, so he was totally down with pizza for date night.

As excited as I was all week waiting, nothing prepared me for how excited I was all through Friday while waiting. This all caused me to realize I do not have a “super duper excited face”. I am not sure which face looks like it should be my new excited face.

excited-faceWhat number do you think is the best excited face?? I am leaning towards number 4, 5, and 8. I think they are the most “excited”.. I don’t know, what would you suggest?

Oh, I also got my pizza.



7 thoughts on “Practicing Excited Faces Because Of Pizza

  1. I would have that face all the time if I knew I was having pizza. Actually it looks more like a bitter face, but I would be excited on the inside. Not really I would be bitter on the inside, but I would at least be having pizza. And I would go for number 5.

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