Day Drinks With A Reunion

โ€œAlcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.โ€ –ย Frank Sinatra

A week ago, was probably the most exciting week in a very long time, Shannon came home! We have been talking about this week since before she left.. She came home Tuesday, so we planning for Wednesday to get lunch at our sacred lace and day drink. Somehow, there is always alcohol involved when we are together.

On my way to pick her up, I tried to get a few photos to showcase my pure excitement. I know, I have decided on my excited face two weeks ago, however, I am not too sold on it as my tongue disappears.


Lunch was amazing as always, and like always we both had Pulled Pork with double sweet potato fries.


The real reunion started after we ate. We decided during lunch we were going to drink vodka mixed with lemonade and crushes strawberries. We had to stop at the store to the some lemonade and then we rushed over to her house. Shannon used to bar tend, so I usually let her make the drinks as she does it all “proper” where I will just mix everything and unable to stand up after 2 drinks. Sure enough, they were amazing.


Once the drinks were all prepared we sat there, drank and took some pictures with each other. I am still not sure how it happened, but the conversation moved to nachos, and the next thing I know Shannon was placing some in front of me. I was still so full from lunch but I was unable to say no/stop eating them. Something about crispy cheese is addicting.

It was an awesome day! I feel like the best way to sum up the day is to look at our tweets from that day.


What do you like to do with your friends?
Do you have a sacred place?



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