Jamie Took Me To a Free Concert

“I wonder now who’s town this is, as I roll in with my wife and kids. Cause nothing seems to change, but nothing stays the same” – Deric Ruttan “Mainstreet 1979”

My town has this “music fest” twice a week every week in the summer. It is a free concert down by the lake, generally packed with people, vendors selling food and snacks, and its always incredibly hot. The artists who perform are usually at the beginning or the end of their careers. Either just taking off or trying to hold on. Saturday night Deric Ruttan was performing – he is a Canadian country singer, so he gets quite a bit of airplay on the canadian Country stations. He has two songs in particular which I am in love with “Mainstreet 1979” and “That’s How I Wanna Go Out“.

Jamie was getting pretty bored on Saturday night as I was just playing my DS, and he wanted to go out. He thought it would be nice to go to the music fest and see him as he knows I really love those two songs. As this was not planned what so ever, I was not exactly dressed appropriately for an outdoor event – dress pants, dressy shirt, and pointed dress shoes. I was really uncomfortable until the sun went down – but fought it out. The other downside of going to a last minute free concert which the whole town attends, is having pretty bad seats. Although, the “bad seats” are excellent in comparison to indoor concerts.




We stayed and walked around for about an hour and a half, so I could hear my two songs and then we decided to go. I had blisters forming on my feet and I had an ant fly into my shirt, and I was completely ready to leave.

We had a lot of fun, although next time I will be sure to be better dressed.. On Wednesday the YouTube group “Walk Off The Earth” is performing, which we may go to, as Jamie enjoys their videos.

Does your town have any interesting festivals?


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