An Afternoon Outing

I’d rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym. – Adele

Last Friday morning started like normal with my mom in some random yoga pose while monitoring her breathing.


I was sitting in a chair playing my Mario game when she finished her yoga, sheasked if I wanted to go to Costco. I agreed as I have never been to the Costco in our town. What started as a simple outing turned into an afternoon on the town with her and my sister. We bought fruit among other things from Costco, so we had to go home to drop everything off.

We left home for a second time and headed down town for lunch. We decided on a local favourite. Jamie and I used to eat here every Friday for at least 6 months – yes, it IS that good. We all ended up having the exact same thing which was the daily lunch special – clubhouse wrap. I had mine with greek salad, as they have the best dressing to go with it.

PicMonkey Collage


After lunch we headed to our local nursery to get a lavender plant. My mom has been wanting to make lavender shortbread cookies for a while now, yet we do not have lavender (The funny thing is, once home, she was a little impatient to wait to make the cookies for the lavender to catch up, so she still had to go out to purchase dried lavender). It was an interesting time at the nursery, and I really felt bad for the woman who was out in the heat. I felt as though I was dying for the 5 minutes I was out there, I cannot imagine how she must have felt. Heat stroke warning.

flowers IMG_0058


We purchased the lavender, packed it up in the car and headed to HomeSense. The bottle which our salad dressing came from peaked and inspiration for my mom to get one similar. It was a quick trip in and out before we went to the liquor store. Earlier in the week I had these drinks called ‘Squeezing Melons” – which I highly recommend. It tasted just like a watermelon jolly rancher. They intrigued my mom so wee decided to get a few for an afternoon drink.

lcboWe left the liquor store and hurried home to have our drinks.





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