I Would Like To Introduce You To Smokey

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” – Robert A. Heinlein


A few weeks ago Jamie moved into an apartment with two of his friends, one of which is Smokey’s human. Smokey was unable to move in until last week as he was recovering for some surgery.  Actually, in the above photo, you can see where his leg was shaved for his IV.

He moved in last week and he fit right it. He is pretty easy going and just enjoys snuggling and talking – he is incredibly vocal. The only issue which I am having with him, is trying for figure out his human voice. I don’t think he’s uppity, raspy smoker, hyper Elmo, sad Eyor, or soft spoken. I think I need to get to know him a little better before I can pin-point the voice.


Aside from his voice, his other issue is that he is on a slight hunger strike. The guy has some tarter build up, so his human switched him to food to help him, he hates it, and much prefers his original. Smoke’s human also mixed the food to make the transition easier, however he began picking through and just eating his original.

The last thing which I have learned about Smokey is that he is not the easiest to have photo shoots with. I mean, he loves it, especially if it is just him; add me and he’s done. He is a bit of a camera whore.



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