Search Engine Terms That Brought You Here

“I’d rather have a search engine or a compiler on a deserted island than a game.” – John Carmack


I was looking around on my stats the other day, and I decided to look at the search engine terms which have been used to find my little blog. Most of them were pretty understandable and even somewhat related. Others however, were very bizarre… I thought I would share the bizarre ones and try to provide some information on what was originally inquired as I highly believe I did not answer the first time around…

1) Uncomfortable to talk english in front of my family.  I am left asking too many questions. Is English your first language? Is English their second language? Are you afraid they may not accept you? Answer these and get back to me.

2) Photos of kids in waiting rooms before surgery. I am just going to think the best of you and hope you are looking at these images to show your own child who is about to wait for surgery to calm their nerves.

3) Why does my house stink when it is cold out. When was the last time you cleaned your house and opened a window? It could be the dirt and odor trying to escape.

4)  Bath and body works candles make me cough. First of all that was a statement and not a question. Secondly, how close are you standing to this candle? Are you sensitive to high fragrance?

5) Facebook makes me uncomfortable. Delete your account.

6) 12 step program for energy drinks. I have previous addressed by addiction to Green Monsters steaming from college. In the event you find a 12 step program, please let me know.


7) Why am i such a fuck up


8) Nude iranian


9) I hate sports and the people who watch them and I am Canadian. I have no comment, but I do in fact have a photo to summarize my thoughts.


10) Cute Pigs. Come on over here and take a look. You’re welcome.

11) Will my life be complete with a purse. Will it complete it, no. It will sure as hell make it worth living though!

12) What is the palm beach cooler candle from bath and body works supposed to smell like. To answer your question I had to dig into my stash and find that candle. I would say it smells like sun tan lotion mixed with an alcoholic beverage. However, a more “beautiful” description comes from Bath and Body themselves. “”Ready for a cocktail funshine! This blend of bright berries, sugared grapefruitand fresh coconut is perfect for a day of serious lounging.”


13) Men as pup slaves. 


14) How do i know if my hair is too long. Are people hinting for you to get a hair cut? Do you have headaches? Do you look like a polygamist? If you answered “YES” to any of the above, your hair is too long. Common sense people!!

15) Picture of starbucks passion tea lemonade with raspeberry taken with iPhone 5. I hope this photo is good enough for you. I did take it with my iPhone 5. It is only with 2 pumps raspberry, I hope that is enough for you.


16) Oldest naked woman ever pictures/video. …… Do you hear that? Its just the crickets chirping.

17) Proof that girls do not have brains.  Sorry, my brain has turned to mush and find myself unable to answer.

18) I think I am addicted to smelling my carpet. Well, I will just step on over and allow you to take my place on My Strange Addiction.

19) Why is life sucked out of grapes to be raisins. It is all about perspective. Think of it as evolving into something else.

20) Macroecomonics of tim horton’s. If my micro and macro classes have taught me anything, you should be searching for “Microeconomics of Tim Horton’s”. I cannot help you and further.

21) I am in shorts and i am freezing how is this possible. OOOO I have an idea!! Pick me!! Pick me!!! Put pants on! And the gold star goes to ME!


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