Things I would Tell My Teenage Self

“When adults say, “Teenagers think they are invincible” with that sly, stupid smile on their faces, they don’t know how right they are…They forget that when they get old. They get scared of losing and failing. But that part of us greater than the sum of our parts cannot begin and cannot end, and so it cannot fail.” ― John Green

To date, my favourite post which I have written is “If I Could Write A Letter To Me“. It was a letter I would have sent to my 15 year old self. When I saw “things I would tell my teenage self” floating around this blogosphere I immediately wanted to do it, remembering how much I enjoyed the letter! Although I came up with a few things, I was unable to go into as much depth as I put in the letter as I feel like I covered a lot of it.

1) Leave things until the last minutes. The assignment due in 3 weeks can wait, you do not have to go hibernate for the next few days until it is finished. You are given 3 weeks, go do something and worry about it later. Sunday nights can be used for homework. Yeah it feels good to be done first, but you are in this make believe race with yourself. You’re so busy trying to get finished first and early, you begin to burn out as you do not make good use out of your time.

2) It’s okay to fail. 100% does not mean perfection, anything less is not a reason to hyperventilate. It is one test, it is not going to make or break you. It’s funny, you spend so much energy striving for perfection, once you get to college you are told “anything over 70% is a waste of your time”. Since you have this irrational fear of failure, it will take you until your last year of college to be able to relax, then you will wonder why you weren’t this “chill” in high school.

3) Do not over pluck your eyebrows. This is a biggy. Looking back on photos you will be shocked with how thin you got them. It doesn’t look good. Thinner is not better. Furthermore, you will spend the next years of your life constantly filling in your eyebrows as they are now sparse from where hair will not grow, caused by over plucking. See photo below, THEY DO NOT LOOK GOOD. In comparison though, your sister will also go through a no eyebrow phase, and compared to her, you had bushy beats.


4) Do not eat the kiwi. This is important. When you are 16 you will get really sick. Among other issues, your potassium will be at a whopping 1.2 (and it is supposed to be between 3.5-5). You will have to take over a month off school, you will be unable to get out of bed, all you will do is sleep. Mom will hover, and wake you up to give you all your medication and food. You hate bananas, they make you gag. Mom will research other fruits high in potassium (yes, to mix with your 4 times a day pills very high in potassium). You like Kiwi, which is high. DO NOT EAT IT. You will be given kiwi like clock works. Do you know what happens when you over dose on either kiwi or potassium? You will have hives for 2.5 weeks, but you are too tired and weak to even scratch them. Don’t worry though, the doctor makes her feel bad.

5) Wash your makeup off before bed. You don’t have acne, you never really will – aside from the odd break out.  For God sake, wash yuour face before you go to sleep. The thought of not doing that will make you cringe. Think about all the dirt and oil which is trapped. I am shocked your face doesn’t resemble an extra pepperoni pizza.

6) Pay attention during economics. That class in grade 12 which you will take as a “free ride”, yeah, you sure as hell better pay attention. That “free ride” turned into a massacre in college. Paying attention may prevent you from cramming before the final hoping for a pass. But you know what, that’s okay, failure is okay, and so is waiting for the last minute. You do pass both microeconomics and macroeconomics. You are still trying to figure out how that happened.


7) Real life happens after high school. All of those all-nighters and sleepovers happen only once. You sure better enjoy them as much and as often as it is possible. If you leave things to the last minute and willing to fail the odd thing, you can have even more time. People don’t stay young forever. Believe it or not, a lot of the people you went to school with already have babies. You are not going to keep in contact with everyone, or hardly anyone for that matter, and these “bonds” which you thought were unbreakable aren’t really that strong.

8) Don’t be so judgmental of others. Everyone was dealt a different hand, and who are you to judge that?

9) This one is my favourite. Remember that guy who you would see weekly when he would come in to buy something? He never said much, sometimes he would only buy a pack of gum or a bottle of Dr. Pepper or Pepsi (which you would judge him for, after all Pepsi is disgusting). The guy who you would check in with birthdays and holidays? Look closely at this Facebook post from 2007, which seems so long ago now. Notice that photo in the top corner? Yes, that is you in that photo with him. You will not even believe how big of a part he will play in your life. But yes, you will still judge him for drinking Pepsi.




7 thoughts on “Things I would Tell My Teenage Self

  1. Cute blog. I’m not sure what I would tell teenage self but I’m certain it would be to opposite of what you said. Study harder, play less, and don’t eat bananas! 😀

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