Ice Cream and Beach Date!

“My love for ice cream emerged at an early age – and has never left!” – Ginger Rogers

One of the things which I had mentioned on my 2013 bucket list, was to go for ice cream and then to the beach. Finally this year, it has been achieved. Although we went to the lake and not the beach I am going to count it. I kind of hate the beach, the sand hurts my feet and chips my polish..

The night started off great! Jamie made me a delicious dinner of steak, green beans and salad with a poppy seed dressing.


Once we finished dinner Jamie suggested we go for a blizzard and then to the lake. A blizzard? Yeah, you don’t have to ask me twice!!! We cleaned up and headed to Dairy Queen. I knew right away I was going to get my go-to. I am yet to find a better combination of flavors than the “Georgia Mud Pie and Skor”. Seriously, try it! Chocolate coma.

Dairy Queen

When they finally handed over our blizzard we got back in the truck and headed to the lake. The blizzards were delicious. I had the go-to, and Jamie had a peanut butter cup.


Once at the lake, we sat on a rock, enjoyed our blizzards and watched a man attempt to fish — he didn’t catch a thing.



12 thoughts on “Ice Cream and Beach Date!

  1. The other day when I took my state mandated 10 minute break from being bitter, and enjoyed a huge bowl of Chocolate Chip cookie dough. Then I finished and went back to being bitter because the ice cream was gone.

    • This whole comment makes me bitter. Bitter about you getting a 10 minute break from your bitter job– moms don’t get breaks lasting more than 1 minute 39 seconds; bitter about chocolate chip cookie dough because a moment on the lips and whatnot. You’ve singlehandedly inspired a post….

      • I can’t believe I inspired a post. I am giving my wife a 1 week vacation from being a mom. She and her friend are going to do a girls vacation later this year and I am going to take care of the kids for a week. Am I crazy for doing this? Yes, but she deserves a break from all of it. So I will fall on the grenade for her. Liking the kids helps a little.

      • Well, you are definitely brave for suggesting/offering/being stupid enough to agree to such a challenge. I am lucky if I get a 20 minute bath twice a week. If I were placing a bet in Vegas I would say that by day two you will be looking for duct tape and Benadryl and you will stoop to levels you never thought possible just to get five minutes of peace– things like allowing Spongebob to be turned on. But good on you for allowing her to be far enough away that she can’t just cut her week short and rescue you. You will adore her and admire her and possibly set up a shrine for her when she returns. Can you call my husband and sell him whatever it is you’re smoking?

      • I know I am crazy, but when it comes time, I can cash in some of the cred and use it toward a dude’s vacation. I will probably be crying in a corner and worshipping at her feet when it is all over, but happy wife = happy life.

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