I Made Macarons!

“The macarons, though only a few grams, agitate our senses. The eyes have already devoured them.” – Pierre Hermé

I had previously mentioned in my 2013 bucket list that I wanted to make Macarons. Although I have never had them I fell in love with their beautiful colours and beautiful placements which I constantly see on Pinterest. For whatever reason yesterday I decided to give it a try, I mean, how hard could it really be? Ha. Every recipe which I read all stated how temperamental these cookies were. I was hopeful.


The first step I had to do was beat egg whites until I had stiff peaks. The first time I attempted this, the eggs did not peak at all. They remained incredibly runny, which caused me to run out to the store for another package of eggs. Moving forward, I was still hopeful (call me an optimist). Finally it came time to add the food colouring which is were all my issues started. I really wanted to make pink, blue and orange, so I decided with this incredibly temperamental recipe to eye ball the egg whites and divide it into three. BAD move.

Needless to say, only 1 of the 3 macarons actually turned out. The other two did not have enough flour/icing sugar mixture, so they did not rise correctly – or at all. They all tasted the same but definitely did not look right. At least I can mark something off my bucket list!!



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