Pumpkin Craze

“Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple…”  –  J.K. Rowling

It has been almost a week since I announced I have been obsessed with fall and couldn’t wait for the fall baking. In less then a week my mom and I have successfully completely two pumpkin recipes! We are still on track to do a recipe every Sunday, although we baked today instead of this Sunday as we have a family birthday party this week – which is totally a good thing as we get more pumpkin right away.

We made Starbucks Inspired Pumpkin Scones, which were beyond delicious. In my opinion they were better than the ones at Starbucks and almost TOO easy to make.


Today we made some pumpkin brownies which were equally as easy and delicious!


My mom has posted the scone recipe, and will also publish the brownie recipe in the near future. Two recipes down, 6-8 more to go!!

On a side note, the weather has totally put a damper in my “Falling Into Autumn” mood. We had a bit of a heat wave yesterday and today. With the humidity we had 43 C (109F) highs. I had to stop wearing scarves and socks. Although, I heard Friday is supposed to be 12C (53.6 F). Thankfully. — I think I will be hating myself for saying that in a few months when its -43C with the windchill factor.

How has the weather been where you are?
Do you like late summer heat waves?


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