One Cold Day

“Nothing burns like the cold.”  – George R.R. Martin


I feel like I need to retract my previous statement of loving the fall. I am somewhat hating it right now. I mentioned we had a mini heat wave, which lasted all week – until today. Today is really cold, gloomy, and windy. What is this crap? Where is the sun, light breeze and relatively mild temperature?


I am instead suck sipping my coffee in practically darkness like on a cold winter morning. I mean, WHO enjoys that? Not me, that is for sure.  So while being cold in the dark, I decided I needed to bake some cookies. I have no idea what has been up with me lately but I cannot stop baking. At first I thought I was like Izzy from Grey’s, but I’m not emotion (or crazy enough to go cut someone’s LVAD [or is it LVAT?] wire).

The chocolate chip cookies smelled amazing while baking – what isn’t there to love about freshly baked cookies? I do have a confession to make, my favourite cookies and Pillsbury chocolate chunk – DELICIOUS. But since I hardly ever buy them, I had to dig out a recipe.

*** SIDE NOTE *** I did find a recipe for dupes to the Pillsbury, but there is something about dumping lard into a batter which disgusts me. I will just buy a tube instead. What I don’t see won’t hurt me (quickly. I am sure it takes time to block an artery).

Anyways, back to the cookies. They were good, even better when they were fresh out of the oven.


Well, I think I will spend the rest of my day snacking on cookies and shivering. I’m a whimp, it’s really not THAT cold. It’s 11C (51 F), this is outdoor BBQ hosting weather in Canada.

OHHHHH. I also baked homemade caramelized apple and cinnamon bagels yesterday. I am telling you, this need to bake is getting out of hand. WHO makes their own bagels? Especially when Dempsters are on sale…


I hope you are having a “bright (bright), bright (bright) sun-shining day!”

Do you have random baking weeks?
TGIF – plans this weekend?
DO you like Pillsbury cookies? You know, the one in the blue tube?



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