Recappin’ It Up!

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” – Stephen King


Wow, I sure have been MIA again. I guess everyone can guess what that means – new series. I think I need to start taking breaks from continuous series. This time I am watching a really old favourite – 7th Heaven. It has been just over a week and I am half way through season 5 – pathetic right? Did anyone else love this show? I feel like everyone used to talk about this show, then again, I went to catholic school.

Although I have been watching this show like crazy, there have been a few other things which I have done.

Most exciting we made Pumpkin walnut and which chocolate chip muffins. Oh goodness, they are definitely the best muffins which I have had. So delicious!!!


Speaking of food, my mom and I went out to a restaurant for dessert one night. Oddly enough, I had a rocky road cheesecake. It was scrumptious but I absolutely hate marshmallows. My mom got a triple chocolate cake which was also scrumptious. There were two men who were playing live music – kind of folk sounding. I felt kind of bad for them, the only people who were there aside from us was a table of 4 – all of which knew the men playing. Bad turnout apparently…  All their songs reminded me of all the songs from Juno. If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I would want is for you to be my sweet honeybee.






With all this busyness which has been going on, I completely forgot to mention that it is officially looking like fall! All the leaves are beginning to change colours and the temperature is finally at the perfect “fall” temp.


Jamie just came back from the gym with some breakfast for me! Happy Saturday!!!!



12 thoughts on “Recappin’ It Up!

  1. Those muffins sound like something Oz would love!

    I do the same thing with a series. We recently did that with True Blood, Smallville, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Glee, and The Walking Dead. When I was pregnant with Luca it was wedding shows. The kids do it too with Inuyasha. Series can be addictive!

    • Parenthood was one of my series marathons! I watched it back in December. Did you watch the season premier? I have to say I was disappointed. I understood that they were unaware if NBC was going to sign the show on for another season so the end of last season was incase it was not renewed. That being said I feel like they literally made up scenarios to make up a new season. Slightly disappointed.

      • Too true! And I love her character. You know, when I list off all the shows I want to watch from beginning to end, you’d think I do nothing but watch television!

      • Hahaha I know, I am the same. Netflix is a serious killer as so many shows are so easily accessible. I go through a cycle of TV shows to documentaries to follow up reading on certain documentaries to highly opinionated on certain subjects… Currently on an FLDS phase.. Which I feel is an improvement from North Korea, and the Taliban, among many other issues.

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