33 Days To Go…..

“There are no miracles on Mondays.” – Amy Neftzger

I am someone who really relies on sun. If it is gloomy or raining; I will be in a gloomy mood.  If It is bright and sunny; I too will be a big ball of sunshine. I sleep with a sleep mask (which I bought off etsy – it’s too cute), if I don’t I will rise with the sun. The past week I have been exhausted all day because of the stupid sun. You see, I wake up at 6:30 AM – however, lately it has still been dark out at that time. It leaves me lethargic. Okay, it is not as bad as it sounds – I don’t have to nap in the afternoon, pull over while driving, or anything else. However, I am not talkative, and it takes me a while to wake up – generally until the sun is shining. How pathetic is that? I keep counting down to daylight savings in order to help with this tiredness – 33 days to go!!!!

Due to the AMAZING “Breaking Bad” finale last night, I went to bed a little later than I would have liked, leaving me extra tired today. My morning is definitely going to be a reflection on how my day will be… Chill.


Burning a summertime candle! Smells delicious, it literally smells like a coconut drink – or “cucumbers” according to my mom; or “apple” according to my dad……


Keurig coffee for a jolt of energy.. Just realized my “Tim Horton’s K-cup” has made me a total Canadian Stereotype. I sure love me some Tim’s!!!

IMG_0028 IMG_0029

Most importantly – feet up, computer on, listening to Tim McGraw’s “Reg Ragtop” on repeat – seriously LOVE this song. It is going to be an awesome lazy day!!!!! Well, off to start season 6 of 7th Heaven…. I’m such a loser.

Do you rely on the sun?
How was your weekend?
What is your current favourite song?





11 thoughts on “33 Days To Go…..

  1. I don’t love the sun now that we’re in Texas. The sun being out often means sickeningly hot temperatures and blinding brightness. I can’t wait to go back up north where the sun can be something I gladly greet again!

      • I love Canada. It is beautiful but also very liberal we are known as the “welfare capitalists” – meaning we are ‘capitalists’ but also care a lot for the people with government assistance such as socialize health care for everyone to completely legalized gay marriage and government funded abortions. From how I understand it, our “conservative” political party is a more liberal version of the US Democrat… It is a fantastic place, however it is awesome living so close to the US for being so similar yet so different.

  2. Randy, Tim, Train….what are you..me? Are we twins? I have all of your artists on my iPad, too. I can listen to Thrift Shop, The Cowboy In Me and Lincoln Avenue and my day is instantly better. We aren’t supposed to have any sun for the next 8 days, I’m getting the grouchies.

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