The Weird Side Of Buy And Sell Ads

“Everyone lives by selling something.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

I enjoy going on our local Kijiji ads to see the strange things people are selling. It kills time – especially since I discovered the “other” section. I feel like if what you are selling cannot fit into one of the huge list of categories, you probably should not sell it – let alone purchase it. I have been collecting some of the stranger things which I found under “other” to share to emphasize my point…..


If you are unable to explain what it is that you are selling, you should probably just throw it out. I mean, how badly do you really need that $1.00… You will spend more than $1.00 on gas to deliver it,


Are you able to sterilize it? It is portable, so I am able to bring it from bedroom to bedroom place to place? How many places did you take it to? Again, how easy is that to sterilize? Who would even want to purchase this?


I don’t even know what to say. I am hoping “entertain” is not code for anything else, and literally dinner and a PG-13 movie.


Serious, I am so impressed by this. This is SERIOUS dedication. I usually just throw them out – most of the time I don’t even look at what they say. Maybe I should start collecting to help this guy out. I need to eat McDonald’s more often.


This makes me want to vomit. Who used it before? How could someone use that at all? Dear Lord, I am not a nature girl – mostly for that reason. Ew, ew, ew.


Yeah. I am categorizing this with the portable pole.


What are the strangest things you have seen for sale?
Do sell your junk or just toss?


2 thoughts on “The Weird Side Of Buy And Sell Ads

  1. We usually Freecycle the stuff we no longer want, but it’s never been anything weird, just books, clothes, the normal stuff. I rarely check out sale sites. Looks like I’m really missing out on amusement!

    • Freecycle – awesome terminology!!! I agree though, and if no one wants it we just donate it to goodwill. You are definitely missing out on a time killer, you never know when you might need some “unknown items” – which on second thought might come in handy for a kids craft!

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