The Best Day EVER

“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong

Yesterday started out as a pretty good day – the sun was bright, the weather was nice, fall was totally in the air.


My mom had a doctors appointment in the morning, and to get out of the house I decided to go with her. I figured if anything I would be able to people watch in the waiting room. Either that or I could embarrass myself again. To my surprise, not only was there a very minumal wait time, but the office was completely dead. The only person to watch was my sister who wasn’t the most exciting.


After the appointment we decided to go out for lunch to one of my favourite places. The food is so delicious and always amazing. However, I found someone else’s hair in my salad and had to return that for another one. Ew right? It was such a beautiful day we decided to eat outside on the patio. They call it the “secret garden patio” as it is so secluded and hidden.



I had a clubhouse wrap with a greek salad (which I believe was the same thing I had last time). My mom and Cristina took the boring route and had a veggie wrap with a side salad. The sides are almost a meal size portion, so after a 1/4 of my salad I noticed the hair, sent it back, and to my surprise received a full meal size salad in return. I was so bummed I was unable to finish it all as it was so delicious.

We left lunch and went shopping. I was the only one who lucked out and found a pair of jeans. We went on the hunt for new boots for my mom but everything we found was absolutely ugly. Instead we decided to go to Baskin Robbins for some frozen yogurt – oh this was after we toured town looking for a decent cafe that didn’t smell – when we got to one we realized we never paid for parking so had to leave – and THAT is how we ended up there.  I decided on blackberry as my mom and Cristina went from some chocolate something or other.




Everything I said above was really just a filler to get to the REAL exciting part. We left Baskin Robbins and headed over to the zoo (we just got sloths, and we call Cristina ‘sloth’ since she moves at a sloths speed for anything – yeah just picture needing a band aid or help and just having her in the house….). When we got to the zoo I IMMEDIATELY noticed that the donkeys were moved to the lower fence part – MEANING, if they come close enough you can pet them!!!!! We all know how much I LOVE donkeys. I literally RUN over to see them. I actually have on my 2013 bucket list that I wanted to pet a donkey.

I was disappointed at first with how far away he was from the fence.

I then sawn him eating some leaves that were on the ground, so I jumped up and pulled some nice ones off the tree and held it up. To my pure excitement HE STARTED COMING TOWARD ME.


Although he spit the leaves out that I offered him he did stay for a while and allowed me to pet him, take a few selfies, and pet him some more. Oh, I learned his name was Pedro.







Unfortunately, after awhile Pedro left to go hang out with his female friend Rachel to share a meal together. I watched them eat some carrots before moving on to their hay.


It was seriously the most amazing thing EVER. I realize how much of a weirdo I sound like – but I mean COME ON!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I sure love donkeys.

How was your day?
What is your favourite animal?
Have you ever pet a donkey?


8 thoughts on “The Best Day EVER

    • THANK YOU!!! I was so close to pulling a Kristen Bell meeting a sloth. They’re ears get me every time!!!! I also love their noses. Basically their whole face. Funny enough, I don’t like horses….

    • Hahaha, It’s not a big deal! I was reading one blog of someone who traveled Canada and they were complaining that some of the roads were under construction and then stated it took them a bit to realize that we can only have construction 4 months out of the year as the rest is winter. She was shocked when I told her that not only will road construction/house building/sidewalk making continue in the winter but we actually have 4 seasons.

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