“Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants.” – Kevin James

Thanksgiving is this weekend!!! … In Canada at least. Jamie and I are packed this weekend with celebrating Saturday with my family, followed by Sunday with his. That is a whole lot of turkey. I am not entirely sure how it happened but about 2 weeks ago we decided to have a FriendsGiving with Jamie’s roommates, and chose Tuesday to be the day.

I spent the morning yesterday baking an apple pie with an amish crust (my favourite). It smelled absolutely delicious. Actually, while writing this, I could totally go for another piece.. Hmm, maybe I will have to bake again today….

When we finally arrived to Jamie’s there was a lot of cooking going on. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with his roommate Derrick who was cooking up a delicious storm – he is also single ladies! He had this whole dinner down to an art!

While waiting for Jamie’s other roommate to get home from work, I took that opportunity to take some pictures, and most importantly get a Friendsgiving picture with Smokey. Unfortunately, Smokey and I are still trying to get a decent picture together…



Everything was running so smoothly until 5:00….. The oven broke. Well the oven didn’t break. Something about a fuse and a connection and a clicking sound. I don’t overly understand. Basically the oven would not turn on. Luckily enough the turkey (and my pie!) were cooked, and the vegetables on the stove were partially there. Derrick called the super who said he would be right up……


Fast forward an hour and a half later, and he was still not up. So Jamie and Derrick tag teamed the vegetables and microwaved them the rest of the way.



Sure enough, everything worked out and all the food was delicious. We completely annihilated everything, yet seem to still have a ton of left overs.


As the boys cleaned up, Smokey and I shared some snuggles.



We all had a really great time! I mean, not as good as the time I PET A DONKEY, but you can’t really compete with that… Oh yeah, still no sight of the super… Thank goodness we have left overs.

Do you celebrate a friendsgiving?
What is your favourite thanksgiving food?
What is your favourite type of pie?





14 thoughts on “FriendsGiving!

  1. I’m so glad you did this post because I was wondering why you were having your Friendsgiving so early. Duh, totally forgot that Canada wouldn’t celebrate the same Thanksgiving as the US. I’ve never done a Friendsgiving before, but I’m really hoping we do one this year now that we’re in the same state as our friends!

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