Gobble Gobble! Turkey Day Weekend!

“Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.”  ~Robert Caspar Lintner

Wow. Thanksgiving weekend is finally over. I am officially all turkeyed out. I don’t want to think about turkey, or even consider eating a turkey sandwhich. After 3 turkey dinners I am done, done, DONE. 

Jamie and I lounged out for a few hours Saturday morning before the busyness of the weekend happened – and by lounging I mean, I sat on the couch all morning, watched YouTube, all while Jamie was at the gym. After a relaxing morning (for me), we hurried it up and got ready for a day at my house with my family. There was great people, food, wine, and conversation.







It was a really long day but most definitely worth it!

The next morning started out really beautiful outside! I woke up unusually early which woke Jamie up as I am not really a quite person. It all worked out though as Jamie had to go into work to write an order and decided he would pick up a bunch of food and make brunch-giving for me and his roommates. I absolutely hate eggs – so instead he made me a delicious BLT (minus the lettuce – he forgot it! oops!).


After brunch we were able to really relax (without Jamie going to the gym) for a few hours before we had to get ready to go to Jamie’s parents house for their dinner. Unfortunately the weather took a turn and decided to rain all day. On a positive note, I have been craving Jamie’s moms’ turnip all week, which means I was beyond excited to finally get it. It was as delicious as always.



Today was actually Thanksgiving day, however we were lucky enough to not have a 4th dinner to attend. Yay for no more turkey! Instead Jamie and I went for a really wonderful hour long walk around one of our parks. It was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect, the trees were vibrant, and it was a stereotypical fall walk!

The park is basically a trail going around the lake. Luckily enough there were ducks swimming around. I was on my hands and knees crouching on a rock trying to get their attention. Of course they swam on over to me. We were laughing as there was one male and three females. My mom is obsessed with the show “sister wives” (yes, you CAN judge her), so our joke was that they were all sister wives.

It was a beautiful walk, and we are hoping to make a tradition of going on a nice fall walk every Thanksgiving Monday.










Did you have a good weekend?
What did you do?
Can you ever get turkeyed out?






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