MishMash SuperSunday FunDay

“Never be so busy as not to think of others.” – Mother Teresa

Hello friends! It seems it has been a while. If it wasn’t for Instagram it would have appeared I have fallen off the face of the earth. So where have I been? Well, I have been here, there, everywhere, and no where.

Just over a week ago I went to my cousins’ house for a few days, which was a whole lot of fun. We spent our days baby shopping (for her. Not me), playing scrabble, visiting other cousins, and more baby shopping.




Let me tell you, I had WAY too much fun baby shopping. I don’t even like kids. I had so much fun, I even text Jamie at one point and our conversation kind of went like this

Me: I want a baby. 
Jamie: Pardon?
Me: I want a baby to shop for.
Jamie: So you don’t want a baby, you just want to shop for one?
Me: correct.

And I believe at this point he (along with my mom who is reading this) was able to exhale. I just wanted to keep shopping, not the actual kid. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Continuing on, it was my first time in 21 years ever sleeping on sports related sheets. I thought being away from Jamie for a few days would excuse me from sports. Not exactly.



We went to visit more cousins to get our ass kicked in play some Scrabble while I helped a little girl with her homework. Seriously, I think homework is punishment to parents. “Pick an organism who has to hunt for food and describe what makes them special” should read “pick a wild animal. Describe the perfect way for the animal to kill you so you do not have to answer the next 23 questions about this said animal and the facts you will never need to use again”. Oh, she chose a Tiger!



I also witnessed a man in the mall walking around aimlessly. Seems normal enough right? Wrong. His hair was incredibly grey – his real hair at least. Which he topped with a chocolate brown tupee.


I was home in time for my BLOGIVERSARY! It was going to be a relaxing day which turned out to be rather busy. I mentioned I dontated bras for breast cancer at our local radio station. Well, my blogiversary was the day that the bras were hung around the building. I had to go get some photos!



I believe the final count was a little bit over 5,200 bras. Cray Cray!!

After watching the firemen seeing the bras I headed to get some chinese take out to have a lunch celebration before Jamie and I had a wonderful little date night.


For date night we went for a delicious dinner and decided to go see a movie. This is a big night for us. It was the second time in 3.5 years we have gone to the movies. I know, some people may say we live under a rock – we even got frozen yogurt!!! We saw Captain Phillips, which I have been itching to see. If you have seen the trailer, it starts with showing containers being loaded onto a ship. I was sucked in from that point. After all, I spent 3 years of my life learning how to transport across the world. Thrilling, I know!





A few days after this, I got sick. Actually, Jamie gave me his cold, but who really keeps track of that. So I spent most of my days curled up trying to breathe. Okay, I will just be honest.. Although I was sick, I have spent many, many, MANY hours watching One Tree Hill. I am half way through season 6. Doesn’t this always happen to me? I just start watching full seasons and abandoning the world? 5.5 Seasons down. 3.5 left to go!!!

What have you been doing?
What have I missed?
Did you have a good Halloween?









15 thoughts on “MishMash SuperSunday FunDay

  1. omg those little kid argyle sweaters. i’m dying. i’m in the same boat as you were i find kids clothes and other things freaking adorable, but the crying and shitting really aren’t my thing yet. maybe there’s baby renting programs for people like us?!?!

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