Stereotypical Canadian Night

“She grew up watching hockey, with her daddy on saturday nights” – Dean Brody: “Canadian Girls”

Let’s go back in time to November 5th, around 6:45 AM. Jamie said to me in my pretty lethargic state something along the lines of “I won hockey tickets on Twitter. It’s either tonight or Thursday night. Not sure what day.” I then may have responded with the word Jennifer Lawrence said when asked what went through her head when she fell going up to receive an award “It was a bad word, that started with an ‘f'”… I began my negotiations on what is in it for me, and then agreed to go.


Later that morning we learned the game was actually Thursday night which allowed time for denial, anger, acceptance – you know the normal stages of grieving.

Yesterday came around and I was asked to pick up the tickets to save us time later that evening.. I actually neglected to say that this was my FIRST EVER hockey game – I know, I put Canadian stereotypes to shame. So I was beyond nervous just picking the tickets up, so I decided to treat myself to a White Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks first!



Jamie picked me up after work, he showered, and then all the festivities were able to start. I negotiated earlier in the week, going to a frozen yogurt bar which just opened up. Jamie enthusiastically complied to my demand needs.


After the deliciousness it was time to go attend this game. We were walking towards the door with a herd of people and I loudly said to Jamie “okay stay close! It’s your first ever hockey game, and I am sure you are nervous”.. Everyone turned around and awkwardly stared at him.

We got to our seats and waited for it to begin. At one point it was ‘practice’ which I thought was pretty dumb – what the hell were they doing in the days leading up to the game? Watching movies? During their last minute practice, they were shooting pucks at the glass REALLY hard. I might have jumped and yelled a little bit every time.

This was like a legitimate sports game. They even sang the national anthem. Jamie took me to a Blue Jays game once, and they sung it, but I don’t know how credible they are – I mean, everyone randomly stands up and sings “take me out to the ball game”..

I learned a lot of things during the game:

  • A “penalty” is a grown man time out
  • booing the ref is nothing but annoying – IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE OUTCOME
  • No one claps for the other team for doing anything good – it is kind of rude
  • Jamie is unaware where the players moms sit
  • Jamie also does not know how the hanging things from the roof get cleaned
  • When the big buzzer goes, it does not mean its time to leave – it means there are 2 more periods and 2 breaks to go
  • The refs need to ‘consult’ over if the puck actually is in the net. I see it in the net. CLEARLY it is in.
  • At the end of the game 2000 people belt out “Sweet Caroline” for no reason at all




After the game was over and we were leaving it was heavily snowing. Just to make the night that much more Canadian.


In the end it was not a horrible night. The FroYo was amazing. The game was different. It was a pretty decent first hockey game experience!

Do you like hockey?
What is your favourite frozen yogurt topping?
Would you belt out “Sweet Caroline”?




7 thoughts on “Stereotypical Canadian Night

  1. hahahaha. i LOVED your tweets from this night. i was laughing at like all of them. i feel like in order to REALLY fit the stereotype you would have need to have gone maple syrup taping before it all. i feel like everyone in america thinks that every canadian just carrys around like pocket sized containers of maple syrup and put it’s on every food like buddy the elf.

    • Hahaha that is hilarious! I have actually NEVER gone maple syrup tapping – or known anyone who has.. disappointing isn’t it?.. I DID try a shot of maple flavored whiskey (which I do not recommend). I think maybe I should have wore that super embarrassing denim attire we wore in the olympics a few years back, dear God that was mortifying….

  2. I want to go visit Canada now!! Although, I’m not the biggest fan of snow – we Irish can’t handle it. Two years ago, the whole country shut down for about two weeks because of a couple of inches 😛 We are getting more used to it though!!

    • First off, Ireland would be a DREAM to live in. But I mean, grass is always greener right? Have you seen “The Holiday”? Let’s do that. I will leave you my house and my car, and I will up the anty and throw in my mom/sister as a personal tour guide. You will be 1.5 hr from Toronto, 3 hrs from the capital – Ottawa, 3 hours from Niagara Falls & New York State……. I laughed out loud with shutting down for a few inches. That is hilarious!! We get “snow days” where school busses don’t run due to ‘snow’ – mostly because it can get so cold the diesel in the busses freeze so they wont start (sounds worse than it is..) or there is a little freezing rain.

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