Cat In The Hat? Try Cat In A Hoodie!

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” ― Carl Reiner

It has sure gotten cold here the past couple of days – which causes extra dry skin. Yuck. It is official that I cannot go outside without a scarf/jacket/mittens. I was holding out at long as possible, but after the little snow fall we got, I figured it was time.

It has been very wet and cold so I have not wanted to get out of my pajamas leave my house. On Sunday I found a knitting pattern for a hoodie… for a cat. Our cat Hunny goes outside on a leash  every day and walks around and sometimes kills birds. However with the colder weather she cannot go outside for long periods of time anymore which causes her to go pretty stir crazy. She will just stare outside longing, wishing, hoping, to one day it will warm up. I thought making her a hoodie would be an awesome idea!


I have spent the past few days knitting it up while burning the last of my “Limoncello” Bath and Body Works candle, while watching season EIGHT of One Tree Hill!



Finally, after 2 days of work, her hoodie is complete, with a fully functional hood and pocket with “Hunny” monogrammed into it.

We had a difficult time putting it on her.. We probably shouldn’t have woken her up to do so. She was pretty mad. But, judging by her face she had given up all hope at that point.

cat wearing hoodie
She left with the sweater on, walked up the stairs before going to hide in the corner. Oh I should mention, we have another cat (Jelly) who is “special”. Special meaning weird. She is incredibly nervous and paranoid. If the doorbell rings in the morning she will hide under a bed until late afternoon. If her bowl of food gets low, she starts losing fur and panics. She was scared of Hunny and the sweater. She would tip toe slowly and quietly towards her and just glare. If Hunny would move, Jelly would go to where she was and sniff around.

cat wearing hoodie


We took the sweater off of her. We will try again today. She will love her sweater…. Eventually.

Do you dress your cats?


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