My [Narcissistic] Grown-up Christmas List

“Well I’m all grown-up now, And still need help somehow. I’m not a child but my heart still can dream.” – Amy Grant ‘Grown-up Christmas List’

Well, I wish my christmas list could be as selfless as the one in the song. But let’s be realistic, who doesn’t want to dive into perfectly wrapped presents? I shouldn’t lie though, everyone hates when I open things. I don’t like ripping, I take my time and carefully unwrap. You could reuse the wrapping paper I open. Weird, I know.

I am Christmas obsessed. I was finished shopping mid-October, been listening to Christmas music nonstop, even been watching some Christmas movies! I was planning on putting the tree and decorations up last weekend but since I live with a bunch of Scrooge’s I was told to wait until this weekend. They all claim to “love” Christmas, yet do not want anything up until ideally December. Wtf is up with that? Some argue it should not go up until after the American Thanksgiving – agian, WTF, we’re not even American!!

Moving on before I really start ranting, I love looking at other people’s’ wish lists. Maybe I am nosey. So I decided to share mine, just in case Jamie or my mom anyone was wondering.


1. Erin Condren life planner. I am obsessed with these!!! I really want one. However I placed it on top of a screen caption of my bucket list Pinterest board. I think I need to do a lot more before one of these will be useful/worth the money. I mean, planning out my Netflix schedule isn’t too productive.

2. Mugs! I love mugs, the cuter the better. I could not even believe how cute the ones I found were. I love the Tiffany mug, and was surprised to see it is actually from Tiffany’s! The owl and the monkey mugs I have been on the hunt for, for roughly a year or so. They are $9.00 from Pier 1… If only I had a Pier one near me, that would be awesome.

3. Newborn donkey. You can buy them on Kijiji for as little at $50. It would be the best gift ever.

4. Canon Rebel T3. Love it. Been loving it. iPhone doesn’t cut it. Totally better than a point and shoot.

5. Candles!!! I am coming to the end of my GIANT stash which I have been weeding through for a year this Christmas. I think I have about 5 candles left. Definitely need new ones!

6. Fly Shannon home, or me to Shannon. Seriously, FaceTime was cool and all in the beginning, now it is just annoying.

7. A Christmas Story shirt! Best Christmas movie EVER. The shirt is just too amazing not to have.

8. Cozy Pj’s. Love Pjs. I live in them . The snugglier the better.

What is on your wishlist?
What is your favourite Christmas movie?
Will you send me a newborn donkey?


19 thoughts on “My [Narcissistic] Grown-up Christmas List

  1. bahahahaha. you always make laugh!! especially the “we’re not even american!!!” line. classic!!! i think you should put your christmas tree up in september if you want!! more power to ya!!!

    • See, this is why I love you. You enable my addiction to Christmas. You will see me posting a picture of my tree going up next July! In all seriousness, if we are not American why do we need to wait? Jamie’s step dad is actually from North Carolina, so he can use that excuse.. I guess.

  2. Mugs, candles and cosy pjs are most definitely on my christmas wish list too. It really is the simple things in life 🙂 I’d also love a top masters degree.. but I won’t know if I get that until the New Year 😛 oh and trip to NYC with my mum and my sister!! A girl can dream…!

  3. I’m the opposite the past few years, I want to put Christmas off as long as possible! Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas.. but the year is just going by so damn fast! I just need a little bit more time.

    If anyone wants to buy me a really nice Christmas present though, I’d accecpt an iMac. 27inch, because it’s way too expensive for me to buy!

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