So It Begins…

“Oh the weather outside is frightful” – Let it Snow

It is officially the time of year which I hate, and will continue to hate until March-ish. We received our first little snow fall which didn’t just melt away. It stayed, and will more than likely stay for the next 5 months..


It might look very minor, but it is just a trap. If you are hopeful there will be a huge dumping throughout the night. You know, last winter I think our record low was with the windchill -38C (-36.4F) .. apparently -40C skin will freeze almost instantly resulting in frost bite. Sounds awful right? I would much prefer that cold to all the snow. It can get as cold as it wants, just now snow..

And so it begins. My hibernation phase. I hate being cold (if you don’t already know that). My nights will generally be the same from here on out (until it warms up)…

1) Hanging out in big sweaters… Tonight I am in my high school sweater. I actually went to “Holy Cross” when looking at the picture I thought it looked like “Holy Gross”.. Reminds me, it was a catholic school so we had uniforms and the emblem was ‘tHC’ย – well a little more artistic. It was an cross, followed by ‘HC’.. at 14 it was SOOOO funny that our shirts read “THC”.. That is so embarrassing to admit. I digress..


2) Drinking Green Monsters


3) Wearing fuzzy socks


4) Watching Jamie and his roomies play playstation for hours without saying a word to each other. The speak in grunts… Guess Jamie isn’t doing too well..


5) Carrying on conversations with Smokey since I do not understand grunting


6) Lastly. What is a Canadian winter without our beloved Tim Hortons in festive winter cups?





+ Do you hibernate or embrace the winter?
+ What is your favourite thing to do to stay warm?
+ Serious question do you understand grunting?






13 thoughts on “So It Begins…

  1. -38C is FREEZING!!! I think the coldest it has ever gotten in Ireland is like -15C. My goodness, I wouldn’t be able to survive a Canadian winter! Having said that, I totally embrace the winter that we get in Europe. I love getting a chai latte, wearing lots of layers and my favourite woolie mittens and hats ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. smokey!!!!! i just love him! and i also am NOT a fan of winter AT all!! you have my sympathies with the extremely cold garbage weather. and what’s the deal with this tim hortons? i hear it’s like canadian dunkin donuts. true?!!

    • Jamie’s roommate rescued Smokey almost 2 years ago. Why anyone can abuse an animal is beyond me. Smokey will play hide and seek with you, insist on cuddling, and if you talk to him he will respond! Tim Horton’s would be the equivalent of Dunkin.. Whenever I have tried Dunkin in the States I don’t think it is half as good as Tims, However, you would probably say the same about Tim’s not being as good. Coffee, donuts, bagels etc, pretty cheap (xl coffee is $2).

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