Birth Order VS Personality – WTF?

“The oldest sibling always knows things that the younger ones don’t.” – Mike Mills


Last night I stumbled upon one of those questionnaires where you answer 10 questions and then some computer generated outcome/prediction will happen. The quiz was regarding your personality and how if it correlates with your birth order. I was incredibly skeptical – I mean, the first question was “Who do you prefer – Bill Clinton, Oprah, Jim Carey, Goldie Hawn”. I know, WTF right? The questions then got slightly more interesting from politics, to someone looking for volunteers.. My results were ‘calculated’ and then I saw on the screen: FIRST BORN (which is oddly correct)- followed by a lengthy paragraph regarding my personality. Essentially said I am an attention whore, perfectionist, with ambitious hardworking personality among other things… So I am a bitch? No, narcissist bitch…


I looked into birth orders and personalities a little bit more, and was actually pretty shocked and intrigued by what I was reading. First borns’ generally have a lot of the same personality traits:

Natural born leader – YES. Completely me. Taking charge of a group and constantly strives for the leading position.
Thirsty for approval – not so much.
Superior language skills in school – Always ranked in the top for speeches, spelling tests, reading, etc.
Keen to be in charge – YES. Just like Natural Born Leader.
Academically successful – Damn straight and incredibly proud of it.
Organised and responsible – I think so!
Harsh self-critical – Hahaha, I laughed at this. I guess I am just incredibly anal. But yes, even if I get 100% on something I could have done so much better.
Your deep-seated fear of rejection and dread failure – Rejection no, unless it goes with failure. But the failure goes with the self-critical. My version of failure can be different than someone else.
Feel guilty or overly responsible when things go wrong – No.
Find it hard to delegate responsibility even if you’re overloaded and stressed. You instead prefer to stay in control. – YES! How do I know/trust someone to do it right? I know I will do it well and I will excel, how can I trust someone else to do the same thing? It takes a LOT out of me to let go and allow others in. College DEFINITELY helped with that!!!

I think there has to be more to it than just birth order. It also suggested that two youngest’s or two oldests’ are not compatible with each other. A couple who are both the oldest will have a power struggle and always want to lead – for example picking a movie, no one would want to give up their first choice for the other. Jamie is also the oldest and I do not find this struggle at all between us. I have a much more extroverted, dominant personality and Jamie is much more passive and relaxed. I think if you always put the other person first there is no room for that. Each person is looking out for the others best interest. I understand what the article was saying, but I don’t think that birth order is the above all and end all to someone’s personality.

Are you the oldest?
Do you share in these generalized traits?
Are you the oldest with an oldest and find the struggle? Or are you with an oldest and notice their strive to lead?




14 thoughts on “Birth Order VS Personality – WTF?

  1. Omg, those pictures of you and your sister are adorable! Especially the last one. Heart melting. I found myself mentally checking off all those things on the list, and I’m an only. And my husband is an oldest and definitely has hardly any of those traits. But I find I have to be in control far more than he does. To the point I have to drive almost everywhere we go, because to have someone else in the driver’s seat is incredibly unnerving to me.

  2. I totally believe that birth order plays a strong role in our personality. I remember that my pastor mentioned the significance of birth order when my husband and I were going through pre-marital counseling. Both my husband and I are firstborn children and, boy, can you sure tell! We both are really stubborn and tend to want to have control; however, we also have strong communication skills with one another and tend to be able to articulate our emotions quite well. I would say all of those firstborn traits describe me. I’d be interested to see the baby traits and see if they describe my sister! We are complete opposites!!

  3. I’m the oldest and a lot of this rings true. This one especially: Find it hard to delegate responsibility even if you’re overloaded and stressed. One of my bosses talked to me about this every couple months because I just kept putting more on my plate and not feeling like I could delegate to others. I agree that it’s not the final word, but birth order definitely plays a role in creating our personalities.

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