Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

“I love singing Christmas carols. I know every harmony to every music-hall Christmas song.” – Zooey Deschanel

I would love to introduce you to the newest member of my family… Her name is yet to be determined as I am still getting to know her. I guess I sound like one of those crunch mamas who state “we do not have a name picked out yet as we are waiting to see what her personality is like”.


Jamie so kindly gave her to me as part of my Christmas gifts! She is exactly what I wanted! I have been looking on Etsy for prettier camera straps; however I am not sold on anything. A lot of them are essentially slip covers for the strap, which means I could probably get it made for cheaper without having to pay to have it shipped to Canada.. It is kind of ironic just how much I hate paying for shipping, yet I have a degree which essentially is based on international shipments and the price (among other things) of it.

Moving forward I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!! I have been reading up on a lot of you and am happy to hear it was an excellent year!

Jamie and I followed our tradition of exchanging gifts with each other Christmas Eve. We are constantly moving and busy Christmas day that it is easier to exchange Christmas Eve. We also did a gift exchange with Jamie’s roommates which were a lot fun as well. His one roommate even got me my favourite bottle of wine! We had dinner with my parents and we gave them their gifts from us and Jamie got to open their gifts. We ended the evening with a Christmas movie before my mom and I went to midnight mass… Father Jerry wore a Santa Hat, and compared Joseph to a Maury Povich episode “Joseph you are NOT the father….. But he made an excellent foster father”. It was definitely the last thing I would have expected to happen at mass.

Christmas morning was very busy. I woke up early to get ready (to save time), then we did presents – lost power, and then it was restored – Jamie came and picked me up and we headed to his parents’ house for brunch and presents. We stayed until almost 1:00 before we had to take the 2 hour drive to my cousins’ house for Christmas Dinner.

I am pretty excited over all the things I received this year. My favourites have to be my newest family member, cozy socks and pjs (yes, I am 80 at heart), and gorgeous mugs! Jamie and I actually met these awesome friends a few years ago on Twitter and we send gifts every year. I almost died this year when I unwrapped two of the mugs I was drooling over!




It was definitely a busy hectic season but well worth it in the end. I am actually sad it is over. I just love Christmas.

Did you have a fantastic holiday?
What is your favourite gift?
Did you do anything special?
Did Maury ever come up into conversation at church?


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