It’s National Handwriting Day!!

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ” ― Christian Dior

Today is National Handwriting Day! Who Knew? I didn’t until I read it on Twitter. Ah, Twitter, full of useful awesome information, which you can use at any moment of silence. I had to Google this piece of information to see if it was true, and after seeing worksheet for 3 year olds I found an article about what your handwriting says about you.


In case you are unable to read my handwriting like my sister I have:

– Large letters
– Narrow spacing
– Rounded and connected letters
– Wide ‘l’ and ‘e’ loops
– I dot my i’s right above the stick with a circle
– The cross in my t’s are short and in the middle
– o’s are closed
– A cursive “s” is wide at the bottom
-Heavy pressure
-Write fast
– Signature is not legible

So what does this mean?

– I am “outgoing, people-oriented, outspoken and love attention”.
I cannot stand being alone, and I tend to crowd people and be intrusive
– I am creative and artistic, but also logical, systematic, and make decisions carefully
– I am relaxed and spontaneous; self-expression comes easily. I am open minded and enjoy trying new experiences.
I am visionary or childlike. I am also detail-oriented, organized, and empathetic
– I am confident and feel comfortable in my own skin. I also tend to be lazy and show lack of determination
– I am very private and limited to sharing personal feeling and am very introverted.
I do not follow my heart
– Good with commination and taking things seriously. I tend to be uptight.
– I am impatient, dislike delays or time wasters
I am very private and hard to read/understand.

Well, some of the point are true – the light blue point, the others not so much. I have also heard your handwriting is based on the bone structure in your hand. That being said are we just pulling for a deeper meaning to handwriting than there actually is?

Either way it is pretty interesting. I love seeing other peoples’ writing. It seems so much more personal to see it.

Do you like seeing handwriting of other people?
Is your handwriting big and bubbly like mine, or small and neat?  


14 thoughts on “It’s National Handwriting Day!!

  1. Mine is small and round.. Although it used to be big and bubbly, and before that small and narrow. Maybe our handwriting changes as we grow and mature as people… Or maybe it was just because the teacher advised me to change it!!

  2. When I was younger, I got American Girl magazine.. I remember reading about the girl who won a handwriting contest and supposedly had the best handwriting in the world. It became my goal to have super awesome handwriting from then on. (I’m not competitive at all hah.)

    I’ll definitely be taking a look at that article to see what my handwriting says about me!

    • The best handwriting in the world? I am intrigued by this? How is this even judged. I have too many questions now. Would you classify your writing as ‘super awesome’ now? The dreams of kids are so priceless

  3. lol. seriously who comes up with these days. can there be a national stay in bed and do nothing day on like a wednesday, please?! tha’d be great! i have typical girl handwriting. it actually looks a lot like yours! twinsies!

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