My 10 Things!

One reason I encourage people to blog is that the act of doing it stretches your available vocabulary and hones a new voice. – Seth Godin

Hello hello!

Last week and this morning I found out I was nominated for this award by the wonderful Alice and Carrie. I normally do not participate in them but I really do enjoy reading nominations. I love reading interesting little tidbits about my blogging friends, and I love getting introduced to some of my blogging friends’ blogging friends. So on this freezing cold Canadian morning I have decided to participate! Since I was nominated by 2 people I combined their questions together! So here are my answers to questions you may not have known about me!

What is your standard Starbucks order?

I definitely have a handful of drinks which I recycle through depending on the time of year. However, the one drink I can always go for is a Venti Chai Latte, easy water, no foam, lactose free. Yeah, I have a complicated order, but I hate foam, and I am lactose intolerant, and I am not sure why I started getting it with easy water but I stick with it. My summer drink is definitely a Venti Passion Tea Lemonade half raspberry half classic. Not as complicated, but seriously try it with the raspberry – YOU. WILL. NEVER. GO. BACK.


If you could eat any meal from any restaurant regardless of price or proximity in the world to you what would it be?

This is such an easy question. I would hop in my car, drive to Niagara Falls, cross the “Rainbow Bridge” drive about another 25-30 minutes to Amherst and eat at Olive Garden. I would have all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks. I would then cross the street, go to the local grocery store, and purchase a few cases of Vanilla Coke and then head home. I know.. Canada does NOT have Vanilla coke, except for some convenience store near my house who illegally sells them. It is also awful that Niagara Falls in 3 hours away and the closest Olive Garden is 30 minutes farther. I do have the recipe for the Salad, but I mean, it’s not the same as physically going.


When Jamie and I first started dating – almost FOUR years ago I somehow convinced him to take me there one Sunday. The US boarder guy, not only drew us a map, but he also made complete fun of me for being Italian and driving almost 4 hours just for Italian food and Vanilla Coke. He doesn’t get it. VANILLA COKE. ALL YOU CAN EAT SOUP, SALAD, AND BREADSTICKS. Coming back into Canada was more of a challenge. The Canadian CBSA employee, obviously had neither of those things because he was confused why we would do that.. Again – VANILLA COKE. ALL YOU CAN EAT SOUP, SALAD, AND BREADSTICKS. Funny story, we were stuck in the line trying to get back into Canada and I turned to Jamie and said “I have the receipts if they ask” he laughs at me seeing how we literally were there for 3 hours and bought 2 cases of Vanilla Coke and Lunch. Sure enough the CBSA guy demanded to see them. Never doubt me Jamie. Never doubt me…. Oh, we also experienced a “toll booth”.


What is your motto?

Funny enough I won every religion, catholic, and pastors award in school. So obviously my two favourite quotes or ‘mottos’ come from the bible. “She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future” and “hope anchors the soul”

What is something you always have to do every night before you can go to bed?

Play all 5 of my Candy Crush lives, wash my face, put foot cream on.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

MORNING. I Struggle to stay up past 10 PM (without the assist of alcohol). My favourite time of day is early morning, when I am awake and everyone is sleeping. It is so peaceful and quiet.

Favourite thing about where you live right now?

Working heat. It is absolutely freezing, and we are in the middle of a big snow storm. Working heat is definitely my favourite.

If you could live in any era other than the present what would it be and why?

I am obsessed with really old England. I would LOVE to go back in time to King Henry VIII era. Although I would want to be Royal because if you weren’t you were just incredibly poor. But if I was Royal I would probably be beheaded. Maybe I need to rethink this. Have you seen ‘Kate and Leopold’ (it is my 2nd favourite movie)? Leopold’s era is probably better. The big dresses, hair, balls. I love it all. I also LOVE Phillipa Gregory books which are all historical fiction. LOVE.

What are you thankful for right this minute?

Working heat, and my big furry blanket.

Where do you picture your life 5 years from now?

Gosh, 5 years from now I will ALMOST be… 27. Yikes. Guess I see myself living in my perfect Pinterest Home after my perfect Pinterest wedding, sipping on my Starbucks.




What is your favourite website?

These Ladies (and Bitter Ben) are the reason I love blogging. My little blogging family. I have hyperlinked one of my favourite posts from each of them.

Carrie. I think Carrie is a long lost twin who got all the athletic and sporty abilities. She is absolutely hilarious, and has the most adorable little dog named Gatsby. It is also because of her that Jamie and I were able to choose a ‘mutual favourite football team’ (he was mad that I like Tom Brady The Patriots. It’s not my fault his Jets don’t do well..) It was her love for Green Bay that was the decision.

Taryn. Taryn love Recipes and Books. I mean, what more do you need in life? Her last name is Gotham and makes references from time to time about Batman. It took me a few months to realize that Batman and Gotham city go together.

Reema (Mrs. B). When I think of the ‘perfect little British life’ I think of Reema. Enough said. Love her, and her puppy, and her pictures, and her shoes… Her blog is currently getting some plastic surgery.

Andrea. Andrea was one of the first blogs I followed. She is absolutely hilarious and she too has such a cute dog. She used to live in Alaska, which according to Sarah Palin you can see Russia from your house; so that is pretty cool!!!

BitterBen. Ben is bitter. He is also sarcastic. He can always find the bitter side to everything – I mean everything. He said he was going to join us for Thanksgiving and Christmas.. His plate is still bitterly waiting for him.

Charlene. My only little Irish friend. Her pictures transport me to this beautiful world a few time zones ahead of me.

Lydia. She says she is obsessed with Diet Coke and baking cupcakes. When can I meet this girl? I love Vanilla coke and eating cupcakes…

Nichole. She blogs conversations she has with her two adorable daughters. They are hilarious absolutely adorable. Sometimes the conversations remind me of me and my sister when we were younger.

My mother. My mother has questions regarding her blog, the computer, hyperlinking, and copy and pasting. I guess her blog is like my second blog, so she obviously has to be on this list if nothing more than narcissistic reason.

Alice. “AliceInWonder” now come on, that is pretty awesome. She is a foodie who posts amazing pictures of the meals she has. Yummy! She also made an amazing cupcake once that looked like a rainbow on clouds. Again, I love cupcakes. Wait a minute… Lydia, meet Alice.



Questions for you to answer (which I am apologizing for because I am awful of making these up)

One. Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
Two. Make a confession of your choice.
Three. What would your last meal on earth be?
Four.  What is your ringtone for phone calls?
Five. If you were an animal, what would you be?
Six. If you had $20 to spend at the dollarstore, what would you get?
Seven. How do you eat your Oreos?
Eight. Why did you start blogging?
Nine.  What is your favourite Pop/Soft drink/Soda/bubbly drink?
Ten. Name 3 things within arm’s length of you.


20 thoughts on “My 10 Things!

  1. Thanks for thinking of me Julia! I am overly excited to answer these questions. P.S. They don’t have vanilla coke in Canada? Well that’s just plain rude.

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  3. Your obsession with vanilla Coke really cracks me up.. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I saw it (other than in the machines that let you put any flavor you want in Coke, Sprite, etc.). And the Olive Garden story is hilarious.. Jamie sure is a trooper! Btw, I turned 27 last week.. I do not live in my Pinterest house nor have I had my Pinterest wedding yet. Maybe 5 years from now? Maaaaybe.

    • Hahaha he totally is a trooper. I didn’t mention this but after we left Olive Garden we realized we never locked the doors (I was in too much of an excited state). We get into the car and Jamie starts panicking looking for the passports, I was freaking out counting the vanilla coke to make sure none of it was stolen. Priorities right?….. You will get your pinterest life!!! I actually saw a quote on pinterest saying “I hate being at the age that I thought I would have my shit together by”. Maybe at 27, I will be a hobo just pinning away my wish list.

    • LOVE the Tudor Series! “The Other Boleyn Girl” is definitely my favourite. Oddly enough I even enjoyed the movie (which is unheard of. I never like a movie based on a book). I also really love the “cousins war” series. I love the “Red Queen” her bitchiness was amazing

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