A Coffee Cup Chat

“Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy, thank you for loving me and receiving my love in return.” – Nicholas Sparks ‘Message in a Bottle’


Hello Friends!

I am sitting here on a cold winters day (Wow, I feel like an actual writer talking like that). I have a candle burning, a cup of coffee to my left. I just wanted to sit down and have a chat while I send out a little thank you. A little something to thank different aspects of the past week. It seems pretty therapeutic! So, pull up a seat, pour yourself a cup, and lets be thankful!


Dear the cold that I have: I would love to thank you. As much as I love having you harvest your bacteria inside of my body (it really has been a blast), I feel as though you are over staying your welcome. It has been 5 days and I am not having fun anymore. I am tired of calling my mom ‘bob’, and wanting to go to bed early, and feeling like I have an elephant sitting on my face. Anytime you would like to leave would be appreciated. It has been a blast!

Dear night time cold capsules: ‘Thank you’ is all I have to say to you! Wow, you really are a blast. I don’t know how you put anyone to sleep. I take you and I am wide awake with a million thoughts running through my mind. When I do get to sleep I have the strangest dreams. 2 nights ago I had a dream about miss Charlene and a kangaroo. I’m telling you, it is what I imagine an acid trip to be like minus all the weird side effects.

cold medicine thoughts

Dear gas stove: Thank you for somehow managing to burn my hand with your flame. It only hurt for a little while.

Dear burn caused by the gas flame: Thank you for becoming itchy while I was sleeping (or maybe passed out from the cold medicine). I had a great time waking up to the pain which was caused by me scratching in my sleep. I love the fact you are now open and raw! I can’t wait to wash my hands, I bet you wont hurt at all.

Dear weather: Thank you for being so cold that I feel like I will have an asthma attack every time I walk out the door. Seriously, at least I know I am alive. Thank you for being  so cold that windows are frozen shut. Thank you for being so cold that my -30C socks don’t keep me warm. Thank you for being so cold that I don’t want to leave my house. Lastly, thank you for being the cause of my cold. I do pray the scientific method of “Groundhog day” that the groundhog does not see his shadow.

To all the joys I have had this week, I only have one thing to say:


Who are your thank you letters for this week?
How does cold medication effect you?


20 thoughts on “A Coffee Cup Chat

  1. All I can say is- I FEEL YA ON THE COLD WEATHER. I am sooo sick of it. I literally come to work, eat, sit in bed and read, sleep, repeat. It’s rough. I am not a winter person at all so living in Wisconsin is killer.
    As for being sick, I had it too. Mine lasted about 9 days. Which was way past over staying it’s welcome. If your nose is stuffy you HAVE to try breathe right strips with menthol. Seriously, they’re the best thing ever invented. Clears your nasal passage right up! I slept with them on because that was when it was the worst.
    I always compare myself to a raccoon when I wake up and didn’t take off my eye makeup from the night before! That conversation made me laugh.
    Hopefully everything will be better soon!

    • There is nothing that makes me happy about the cold. I hate winter activities, and anything that requires me to bundle up before leaving my house. It is horrible!! I miss the fall! I haven’t even heard of the menthol breathe right! I am going to have to venture out in this snow storm and look for them, I need them. I guess it will be my push to get a few much needed things anyway. Everything will be better once Spring comes, weather will be warmer, my skin wont be as scaley lizard looking. It will be perfect.

      • Lol, I am right there with you. The only activity I like in winter is ice skating on the lake. Otherwise count me out. I’m much better at cuddling up and reading!
        Yes, I definitely recommend those strips for your nose. You just scratch them once they’re applied on your nose and it activated the menthol! Such a fabulous invention.
        I’m counting down the days until Summer!

  2. you crack me up! i’m SO sorry you’ve been sick all week, but i must say it made for a hilarious end of the week post! I find cold medicine gives me crazy dreams as well, as in, one time I dreamt I adopted a penguin named Harry. It was weird.

  3. dear this week…fuck off because my new boyfriend, the weekend, has arrived into town and i couldn’t give two shits about you and your class, homework, and other big kid things you bring upon me.

    hahahahaha. i seriously can’t wait till spring time when i can visit you! i feel like i will be laughing for like 3 straight days when we finally meet in person!

    • Hahaha you have the right idea! The weekend is here and that is all that really matters. Until Monday Eve. such an asshole day.

      Counting down the days until we meet! I mean, obviously it will be one hell of a time. I will not be taking cold medication when you are here though. Shit might get too wild.

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