This Shit Is Bananas.

“Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana.” – Bill Gates

Food is weird. What is even weirder is how people enjoy certain things which other people hate. I am one of those people who seem to love the typical foods which most people hate. I cannot get enough tomatoes, mushrooms, or onions. They are all amazing. I also love eggplant. I am sure there are multiple people reading this thinking I am absolutely crazy. I am also not a picky eater. I will eat just about anything. But there is one common food which so many people love which just the thought of turns my stomach…

*Let’s throw it back to 2004*

Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

If I were to even smell a banana I start gagging. I can’t help it. I also cannot stop or control the gagging. Even if the taste of banana is in something such as a strawberry banana smoothie, I will end up dry heaving. The alcohol in banana rum cannot even mask the flavor.

Jamie and I went out for dinner maybe a month into our relationship. We were given a candies as we were leaving. I got a yellow one. I thought it was lemon, because I mean, that seems normal right? Yeah, no. It was banana. I have no idea why Jamie didn’t run away at that point because I was definitely doing nothing lady like in the parking lot between the gag and the spitting and the dry heaving.

Just recently I broke the news to my cousin on my hate for them. You see, one day Jamie and I went to her house and she was going on about how she bought this amazing dessert and how much she loves it. She even said she brings it to parties for a dessert. After dinner she cut the cake and it was banana with a cream cheese frosting. I couldn’t burst her bubble and tell her I hate banana. So I ate it, told her it was good. Flash forward 4 years, and every time I saw her (which is pretty often) she would give me a homemade banana muffin. I eventually told her, to which I was told just how weird that is.

What can I say? I hate bananas, the mushiness, the sound it makes when people chew it, the scent, everything. I. Hate. Bananas.

+ Do you hate bananas?
+ Are there any foods which you hate which most people seem to love?
+ What is the one food you would rather eat your arm that try to eat?


19 thoughts on “This Shit Is Bananas.

  1. Noooooo! How can you hate bananas??? I only the other hand LOVE them! Banana sweets, banana bread, banana muffins, banana pudding, banana banana banana!

    Bananana!!!! (say that really fast 5 times when drunk!)

    But how you are with bananas, I am with mushrooms, cauliflower, brocolli etc. I totally understand the gagging and dry heaving.

    It’s ok that you don’t like bananas. It just means that there’s more for me 😉

  2. I love bananas.. I eat one every day. Truly a staple in my diet!

    One of my friends in elementary/middle school hated bananas too though.. never made sense to me. I remember talking about it one day at lunch and somehow later on in the lunch period, she ended up with banana peel in her hair. I don’t remember who did it, and I’m sure it was traumatizing for her, buuutttt it’s pretty funny to think about now. (That was a normal thing for our lunches – I hate pickles, so someone drizzled pickle juice on my sandwich one day. We sound like really nice people, huh?)

    • Well, it sounds like you sure went to a very loving school! I’m kidding, I think everyone did stupid stuff way back when which was comical but sounds horrible when relaying it years late.. I think Pickle juice would have been the worst. I mean, ew.

  3. I love bananas. I just seem to really enjoy them lately!
    I don’t really like tomatoes – it’s the texture I don’t like. I can’t stand them in sandwiches or salads but tomato soup is one of my favs.
    I can’t stand peas. They are the one vegetable that I just can’t handle. I tried to eat some to be polite when I was at a friend’s house at age 14 and I literally gagged my way through the meal! AWFUL experience.

    But other than that, I am really not a fussy eater at all 🙂

    • Peas! Yes. I don’t mind them in something such as Chinese rice, or chicken pot pie. On their own – NO WAY. I think it is because my mom hates them so she would not make them. She will actually tell people she is allergic to peas

  4. OH MY GEEE!!!! for some reason i feel like a bad blog friend that i didn’t know this about you!! that just proves that i feel more like we’re real life friends instead of just internet friends!! haha. but i have to say i LOVEEE bananas! yummmm!! but i CANNOT stand licorice!! my sister once insisted upon eating it while we were in the same car. even the smell makes me want to puke. i had my window open with my head sticking out it the whole time she ate it. and i was mad at her for like a week after that. dfdafdjkfhjkdaf. just gross!

    • Right? Because real life friends may have the odd meal together so they might know these strange details of one another. Licorice! I feel like that is kind of random and something I would never think of. The only ‘licorice’ type thing I enjoy are nubs.. Or nibs? Nibs I think. It is completely like me and bananas. In high school I sat beside this kid who knew I hated them and would eat one every day in class. Gahhhh the sound and the smell. Makes me want to puke and never stop.

  5. Hahahaha I must say I LOVE bananas but oh my god I HATE the little stringy pieces on the peel that sometimes stick to the actual banana. If I accidentally eat one I will spit it out. Weird, right?
    Also, I feel the same way about celery as you do bananas. Can’t do celery. In any way, shape or form, even the smell makes me gag!

    • I am yet to find someone else to hates bananas! I guess it is just one of those foods which everyone except for me enjoy! Celery! I can only do it raw with out without peanut butter. Something about cooked celery is wrong. Although I try not to eat celery since I feel like I am chocking on the stringy parts. And if I am not choking my gums are bleeding from the unwanted vegetable flossing

  6. What?! You hate bananas? There are some days that I have 2-3 🙂 I can’t think of anything that I don’t care for that people love? Maybe fried foods? It all tastes the same to me – I don’t understand why it’s so popular? 🙂

  7. I have nothing against bananas. I’ll eat them if I have no other choice. But I usually do find their texture weird. Banana bread is fine, banana-flavored candies aren’t.

    I’ll eat pretty much anything. I grew up being told to never shut out food until I’ve tried at least a bite. So far, I haven’t run into anything I hated. Except licorice. Oh god do I abhor licorice!!!

    • Finally someone else who isn’t the biggest fan. It was harder than I thought to find anyone who doesn’t adore them!
      My parents were definitely the same. You can’t say you hate something until you try it! And I am kind of grateful for it. It makes everything so much better

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