Living With 3 Boys…

“Boys will be boys” – Anne Frank

A question I seem to get asked a lot seems to be “What is it like living with 3 boys”. Just to clarify, I do not think I live with them. I think I am the house guest who never seems to leave. Back in July, Jamie moved in with his two friends, and I essentially just tag along. i am there whenever Jamie is. So essentially 4PM-7AM Monday-Friday plus all day weekends. I have been known to say I am kind of a Nomad, however, now I just say I have 2 homes..

However, “living” with 3 boys has definitely been an experience to say the least.. I am thinking it is probably best to let the pictures talk for the most part.


I woke up one night (1:00) to go to the washroom. I smelled something burning. Steve was in his room with the light on lying face down on his bed and it appeared like he was on his phone. I thought he probably knew his food was burning so I just continued on my way. I woke up at 8:00 the next morning and the smell was still there. I opened the door and it was completely hazy. Steve’s light was still on and he was in the same position as we was a 1:00. Yes, he fell asleep with fish in the oven. It baked at 350F for over 7 hours. It was so burnt we didn’t even know what it was until he woke up.


Sticking with food. Derrick made a cake once. It was huge. He took 3 large cakes and stacked them up with cherry pie filling in between each one. I didn’t have any but I heard it was amazing. I was so big they kept eating it until mold developed. They had to throw out a third.



Beer is always in stock.



Furniture is always a great use for practicing balance.


Hide and seek is always a good idea.


They also love video games. The hockey one in particular. They will even invite friends over to play. The first time it happened, Jamie announced they were going to have a ‘tourny’. He pulled out a white board and set it all up. To be honest, it wasn’t until an hour in I realized this was a video game ‘tourny’ and not a real one with real players.

Also during their hours of playing, they don’t talk. They grunt to each other. Somehow they get through hours of just grunting.. GRUNTING. Girls would have paused the game to discuss everything from fashion to cookies.



They have also mastered throwing things down 6 floors off the balcony for anyone who forgets their wallet.


It has been nothing but a lot of fun. Fun and laughter is in never short supply at 1001. Between the grunting, the beer, the food, and words/phrases which I am not comfortable posting, it is always a good time.

But for you ladies, just for the record. No one like the slutty girl. They may like it that night, but you will forever be talked about like the slutty girl. Have some self respect and make them work..


And for a little Tuesday morning laughter. I will leave you with this.


+ Do you live with boys?
+ What has your experience been?


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