Life Lately…

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Life has been so incredibly insane the past few weeks!! Wow. I feel like I have missed out on so much around here. I missed this little blog of mine.

I have been around, catching up on most of you and your doings, although I have been silent and not commenting, I am reading! Promise! As for LifeFullOfJules, it has definitely fallen into the background once again. It is just so easy to get caught up in the busyness and keep putting it off just “one more day”. That day never really came…

Wow, where have I been.. So much has changed, yet so much is still the same. Was sick, got a job, started a job, got obsessed with Scandal (OMG!!!!!!!), chopped my hair off , and that is the quickest summary I have.

Let me see… I had a job interview (and got the job).. Finally right? It only took like 9 months.. I am working for a company doing Social Media Marketing.. It still blows my mind. I originally went to school for marketing, but transferred my program after the first year. Then I started up this teeny tiny blog, which got me my job. It is just so unbelievable to me..

Before I started, I got sick which is where my absence began. Oh Lordy, it wasn’t fun. I woke up on a Saturday with a sore throat. It wasn’t too bad, but it was definitely there. The next thing I know, it was a full on, week long cough. It was so bad during the night, Jamie took a late night run to the drug store for night time cough medicine so we could both get some sleep.. Then stuff was breaking up, and needless to say, I sounded like I had emphysema for 30 years.

Took me a week but I got better! As I was recovering I got a really bad bite on my finger.. My ring finger. My finger swelled up REALLY bad and I couldn’t get my ring off. I didn’t want to get the ring cut off so I tried everything to try to get the swelling down, elevating, ice, dental floss.. Everything I tried made it worse. I called the jewelry store to see if they would cut it off and they wouldn’t, but since I have a warranty it would cover the cut! I was sold. I called the doctor to see if they could cut it and they would. I went there and was taken into a room and I kept saying “If it is a clean cut it is covered under warranty. Make sure it’s a clean cut”… well, crazy bitch turned around with not only the cutting tool but a giant ass needle. I sat there saying “WHAT THE HELL. I did NOT sign up for that.” I hate injections. Giving blood, no problem, injection no way. She said it is a shot of Benadryl and it might help the swelling so I can get the ring off myself. I stupidly complied. It made the swelling so bad you could see my finger pulsing. She ended up cutting it off anyway.. She said if I didn’t get the ring off, based on my finger nail beginning to turn purple I probably would have lost the finger by the next night..


Then I took a few days, sat on the couch and got addicted to Scandal. You know, I have heard people talk about it for a while now. Was never really interested. Saw it on Netflix, and again, wasn’t interested. Then I had about an hour one night, couldn’t find anything to watch, and just like that, 45 seconds in. Addicted. I am currently halfway through season 3, and absolutely loving it!!!

The biggest change that happened besides the job, was chopping my hair off. I have been talking about wanting to do it since June but never had the balls. Well, that and the fact Jamie’s mom wouldn’t do it. And the fact she is my stylist kind of causes an issue there. I was thinking about it a lot last week and decided I would text her and see if she would cut it – after all I was starting to look like a polygamous.. She was hesitant but she relented. I was trying to figure out how short I wanted it and then that led me to look into looking at hair donations. What intrigued me was that each organization donates to certain types of cancer. I ultimately decided on Pantene’s organization “Beautiful Lengths” which donate to breast cancer. Their minimum donation with 8 inches. I figure, yeah I can do that. Then the big day came. I ended up going shorter than I originally thought, and I am so glad I did. I absolutely LOVE my new hair. I cut off just a little bit shy of 11.5 inches. That is almost a foot of hair! My hair currently sits at my collarbone (instead of my waist) so it is still long enough that I am able to do anything I want. I am guessing now, I need to update my Meet Jules page, my twitter and Instagram and remove “long haired”…

IMG_0384IMG_0385IMG_0386 ——————————————————————–
I missed you guys!!!
+ What has been going on with you
+ have you ever donated hair
+ what is the longest you have had it?!


11 thoughts on “Life Lately…

  1. omg first of all i can not believe that ordeal with your finger!!! how scary, seriously!! i would have been freaking out! second of all it’s been almost a whole year since i cut all my hair off so i can totally appreciate that you did this!! i had long hair literally my whole life so it wasn’t easy for me to part with 12+inches of hair. and also, i’ve been persuaded to watch scandal as soon as i finish up with the last season of dexter. so now i’ll be able to see what all the fuss is about!

    • Scandal, You will NOT regret it. Do you watch greys? It is created by the same woman, so the fast pace, and the dialogue is pretty similar. I think that is why I enjoy it so much… My finger was not cool. The nurse with the needle was worse. You think when I called they would have given me the heads up so I can look for an alternative… As for my hair I was ready for a change. I felt like I was chasing/having the super long hair since high school. I felt like it was becoming my identity. I was so tired of the upkeep, and not knowing what the hell to do with it every day. I was just so ready for a change, and I think it is so much more professional now!! and lighter.. and shampoo saving… and less time consuming..

    • Thank you!!! It was a long time coming but I am so glad I am able to wake up excited to go to work. And I love what I am doing. I think that is a huge privilege as so many people hate it. So blessed!!

  2. What the what? You got a job that you actually like? And you got a job because of your blog? I’m so bitter at you because I hate my job and I need a job because of my blog. Oh and sorry about your finger. I got mine cut off a while ago too. Luckily I didn’t have a purple finger like you.

  3. Congrats on the job girl!!! SO awesome!! And your hair looks amazing short! Gorgeous 🙂 The longest I ever had my hair was down to my butt.. in grade primary! I’ve been growing it out now for about a year and a half, it’s only just getting to the point where I could call it “long”. Your finger situation is so scary! I’m glad it’s all resolved now… pretty ring! 🙂
    and, uhm, isn’t Scandal the craziest/best/most addicting thing in the world?!! I could seriously talk about that show all freaking day. I love Olivia Pope so much. I hate Fitz. I LOVE Mellie ( though it took me until season 3 to really warm up to her). Olivia has the best clothes. And Mellie has the best hair.
    Okay, i’ll stop now haha !

  4. OMG your poor finger! I have never seen anything like that. Thank god you went in when you did! Was it super painful too? Could you still feel the ring being stretched? I love your haircut and the fact that you did a good deed too. I recently donated my hair to Beautiful Lengths and it felt so great to help out a cause with a haircut.

    • Hahaha, I got that a lot offline “I have never seen anything like that”. I felt like I was pretty badass.. I couldn’t feel the ring getting stretched but I could feel my finger growing? The best way I could describe it is to grab somewhere on your finger really hard and just wait a few seconds.. The pulsing feeling is what it felt like… Just add an itch to it. And then the stress of “omg i am going to lose my finger if this ring doesn’t come off but I really don’t want to cut it off”……. The most painful part was the needle. But I am a wimp..

      Beautiful Lengths <3. I can't say enough. I love that it's for breast cancer. That was probably my number 1 seller. The best part is knowing that it's going to someone who needs it so much more than I do. I think that is what made the huge cut calmer and not a huge freak out!

      • I totally agree with you about the Beautiful Lengths and I’m so so glad for you that your finger is okay! How scary. I really can’t imagine!

  5. I was wondering what the job was! Congrats, first of all! And second.. that’s what I do too! Well, part of it anyway.. but I obviously love social media, and I love that I get paid to run a site for my company. Hope you’re enjoying your job so far!

    Love that you donated your hair.. I’ve always wanted to do that, but I just don’t have the patience to grow it long enough. But even more than that, I love that you’re watching Scandal! I felt the same way – just wasn’t all that interested in watching it, and then after one episode, I was absolutely hooked. Those gladiators are seriously badass.

    • Thank you!!!! I love my job! The craziest thing to me (maybe you find it too), is that I’m the face behind the accounts.. Like If someone contacts us on Twitter, it’s me answering. No idea why I find that so mind blowing!

      My hair.. Ohhhh gosh. When I was in high school it was fairly long, then I went for a TRIM and she cut off 4 inches. Then I started dating Jamie, and his mom owns her own salon, and together we made it our mission to grow it back out. Well… Then I just got weird and HAD to have it just a little longer. Flash forward almost 4 years, I thought it was time to let go!

      Scandal.. Ahh. I just got caught up. I am so in love… I keep trying to get a glance of Kerry Washingtons baby bump… My those hollywood editors are fabulous at coverups.. almost as good as a true gladiator.

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