Future Neighbours

“Don’t laugh when your neighbours oven is on fire.” – Lithuanian Proverb

Last weekend Jamie and I drove around looking at different neighbourhoods in town which could become our future home. We are HOPING to be able to actually purchase one in just over a year (AHHHH!!).

We like to look around and look at different areas and different homes to have an idea of what we like or don’t like. You know, mostly because I am so picky about everything. We figured it would save us a bunch of time in just over a year – ha!…


We came to one neighbourhood, and as soon as we pulled onto the street the neighbours (who were all on the street talking to each other) were waving – TO US. Jamie looked like he was in love, and I turned to him and I said “there is absolutely no way I will be anywhere near this street. Why are they waving? We don’t know them. STOP WAVING BACK!! … You need to get me off of this street I feel like I am in a Stepford Wife neighbourhood. I need out. NOW”.

That started us talking a little bit. You see, Jamie and I are really two different people. When they say opposites attract, they cannot be more right with some things.

Jamie said he would love to live in a neighbourhood where he comes home and talks to people (WTF?!?!). He said he would even be snow blowing neighbours’ driveways in the winter (which I can totally see him doing).

I am the complete opposite. If I don’t know you, I am not going to go out of my way to know you. I would love to pull into my garage, and put the garage down, then go into the house before anyone sees me. I am a social person, I do think I am a lot like Bree Van De Kamp, but when it comes to neighbours, I just want to be left alone. My home should be my break from the world, not another social place.

Jamie and I started laughing about this. He said all the neighbours are going to know him and not know me. They will talk amongst themselves about that “poor man, being stuck with her”. They only see me when I am coming or going, or when I am on the porch yelling at Jamie telling him that “gas isn’t cheap and if he continues to snow blow everyone’s driveway they best be expecting an invoice from me”.

I know this is making me sound horrible. Although it is an exaggeration of my personality (kind of…) it is mostly an idea of how opposite Jamie and I are. He would do anything for anybody, he will help anyone in need – stranger or not. I, on the other hand, will keep to myself, mind my own business and not get involved.

Needless to say, we are in for some excitement when this becomes more real.

And a note to future neighbours. I WILL be sending invoices.

What kind of neighbour are you?
Do you want to socialize when you get home?
Are you and your partner on different ‘helping’ levels?


5 thoughts on “Future Neighbours

  1. Hahahaha. I’ve never known my neighbors before, but I’ve been making an effort to meet the people that live around me in my new place. Our next-door neighbor is actually awesome and has the cutest puppy ever!

  2. Haha I love this! I’ve lived in the same house my entire life ( except for the two years I was away in college) and am really only super friendly with one family out of the four or five around my neighbourhood. I mean, I’ll wave when they drive by when I’m walking my dogs but I’m not going to randomly bake them a pie and go over for tea or anything 😉

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