This is me. My Edited Life.

“My life needs editing” – Mort Sahl


I recently read a blog post about your online life verses your offline life. It got me thinking, everything I post, most bloggers post, is an edited version of their life.

I sit down. I write. I delete. I rewrite. I delete again. Write some more. And then somehow through it all I have this much edited version of my life.

When I started this little hobby of mine, I didn’t think anyone would read. It was a space for me to write, post pictures, document things. I found my “writing” voice. People started reading; I made so many online friends. This little hobby has grown into something so much more than I ever thought it would. People actually cared what I was saying – which was so crazy to me. But with this I cared about what I was putting into the blogosphere. This is my edited life.

I don’t show you the 100 pictures I make Jamie pose for so I can upload one decent one

I don’t show pictures where I look like I have 90 chins and a lazy eye.

I don’t tell you how before a ‘super awesome’ day, Jamie and I had a disagreement over something trivial which chances are I blew up and made a bigger deal about.

I don’t tell you how Jamie gets frustrated with me for “slamming doors” and I can angry because I don’t nor do I see what the issue is.

I didn’t tell you how before I got a job, I didn’t get dressed until 3:00 every day.

I don’t tell you how it can take me 7 tries to park my car, and how there has been a handful of times I have had strangers help me parallel park.

I don’t tell you how a spend most of my nights in bed early reading a book, and that 10 PM on a Friday is late for me.

I don’t tell you that I am not as nearly as exciting in real life than I am online.

I don’t tell you that I am really not that funny. One comment I constantly get is how funny I am – I really am not. Ask my mother.

I don’t tell you half of what really ever happens. I give the glorified or “funny” version of the truth. I do not use this space to spread negative thoughts, bitchy side, or imperfections. The edited version is the one which I want to look back on, laugh at, and remember why I started this blog in the first place. A place to remember all the good things, the laughs, the memories.

So this is me. This is Jules. This is my edited life.


5 thoughts on “This is me. My Edited Life.

  1. Funny how I just stumbled upon your blog… like we used to be best friends or something, and somehow I just keep finding you in my life 🙂

    Basically, I love your writing. It’s 100% relatable and completely honest. And all these years later, I really miss your face. We said life and different high schools wouldn’t separate us… but I guess it kind of did. It’s not too late to change that! Let’s get together one time soon, please.. there’s like a lifetime of stuff to catch up on!

    Rachel ♡

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