New Blog, New Look, New Chapter

“A smile is a universal welcome” – Max Eastman

Hello everyone!

Yikes, it has seriously been over a month since my last post. That is was the longest I have ever gone without posting in almost 2 years – still trying to wrap my mind around that one!!

A lot of changes have been happening in my life as of late. So what happens when my life is in the midst of a 180? I decided on a whim to self host and plunge into this crazy unknown world of coding, self hosting, and being in total control yet feeling completely out of control.

Once I ‘learned’ this coding stuff, I was pretty excited with out quickly everything came together and I was able to focus strictly on pretty colours and fonts.

Originally I was going to recreate what I previously had – and it was okay – but I felt like it was almost pointless to be in full control and to have exactly what I had before..

So, this is what I came up with..


I wanted something simple, a big content area (so my pictures can look larger), a smaller sidebar on the RIGHT not the left, a header, and a pretty menu bar. Seems easy right? Not so much.

I literally spent days on the couch trying to wrap my brain around everything. I had a vision of how I wanted it to look yet no idea how to transfer it to code. With God’s Grace something just ‘clicked’ and I was good to go. Jamie called me his little computer whiz..

After I figured all the big stuff up it was time to pick colours. My favourite. So I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I wanted something soft, elegant, and feminine, but I also wanted warmth for accent colours.




I think it turned out pretty okay!!

Since I love hearing the details about everything I thought I would share:
– Built on the Genesis Framework
– Font size 16
– Helvetica font,
– Raleway font for titles
– Lato font for menu bar




6 thoughts on “New Blog, New Look, New Chapter

  1. How long has it taken you to learn coding? I’d love to go self hosted but don’t think I could with the coding and all that, You;ve made a really good job of the blog layout.

    • Oh my goodness you just warmed my heart!! It took me about 2 weeks just to learn the ‘basics’ and certain programs to use/not to use. Over all once I had everything figured out which made sense to me, it took me about 10 hours to get it to how I have it. If you email me (lifefullofjules [at] gmail [dot] com) I can provide you with programs which I found super useful!!!

      The biggest advice I got was “do no be afraid of the coding. It sounds a lot scarier and complex than it really is”

  2. I love the new layout/ site/ EVERYTHING! I used to be really good at coding, about 5 years ago, but have completely forgotten everything! I love,love your colors, and missed your posts so you best be planning to start posting more often! 😉

    • I used to be obsessed with designing Myspace backgrounds and piczo websites. I mean, that’s the definition of cool in 2006. I actually feel so lame admitting that, that is how I spent my days.

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