“Old geocachers don’t die, they just get archived” – Unknown

Lately I have wanted to take more pictures but it is a little frustrating living right in the middle of cottage country. I can only take so many pictures of water, trees, walking trails, and train tracks before that gets really boring. The issue though, is that I didn’t really want to take a drive anywhere to shoot – I live in the centre of cottage country surrounded by more cottage like places.

I have wanted to try geocaching for awhile now, so I asked my sister if she wanted to go – she said ‘sure’ even though she wasn’t too sure what it was. My mother thought we were basically going to go walking on a trail aimlessly.

Geocaching is basically a big scavenger hunt with GPS locations.

I went to the website and searched for a decent looking one close to us, wrote down the coordinates, grabbed my camera, purse, Cristina, and we headed out. ย We parked and started walking to the trail.

We are not really hikers or even knew what this geocache was all about as we were in flip flips and had to start by going across what I would call a swamp – I think Cristina called it a muddy ditch. Tomato/tomahto


We somehow survived theย swamp crossing and we were able to continue on. After walking for a few minutes we realized “oh yeah, maybe we should map the coordinates so we are not walking down a trail aimlessly like mom thought”.


I had the camera, Cristina had the coordinates, and we began walking. We walked for a good 20 minutes before I took Cristina’s phone from her as she was reading the map wrong – she was zoomed out so we basically walked until the dots hit each other not realizing when you zoom in the dots were actually getting further apart. Yes, we were going the wrong way.

We turned around and continued our journey.

We continued back to roughly 50 meters from where we started.


The “clue” was that we would find the container at the base of a tree.

We found the tree – it was covered in weeds and other swamp like things. I was not going to dig through it so Cristina had to be brave and start digging.


A bug ended up landing on her which caused her to literally gallop/prance/frolic around. It was at that moment, we looked at each other and realized geocaching was not for us.

We decided to leave without finiding the cache.

To reward ourselves for at least finding the tree we went to Starbucks for a drink.

I had a Cool Lime Refresher, and Cristina had a Hazelnut Macchiato.




+ Have you ever gone Geocaching?
+ Did you actually every find the cache?


4 thoughts on “Geocaching!

  1. Hahahaha, I can’t believe you just turned around and left! I’ve always wanted to try geocaching, but I never remember it’s a thing until I read about someone else doing it. This post made me want to try it again! Glad you got to take some pics even if you didn’t dig up the treasure. Happy Monday!

    • Haha it so was not for us. I said to my sister “we are looking for a peanut butter jar or a film canister” she said “oh, so we are looking for garbage” that changed the mood of everything. You should totally give it a try! It is a fun adventure even if decided to bail at the last minute!

  2. hahahaha this is hilarious!! I love geocaching! I haven’t been in a few months though. Ariel bought a handheld GPS just for geocaching, so we are totally pro’s ๐Ÿ˜‰ we usually put 10-12 caches around the same location into the GPS and go for a few hours, sometimes we find them sometimes we don’t! We always end up in the middle of nowhere though!

    • I am actually so impressed you are so hardcore!!! That is awesome! It was a pretty decent first experience – next time I need to wear shoes and possibly bring Jamie and have him go through weeds. Probably the smartest thing.. OOOO or I will have him buy me a donkey and I can take my donkey with me!

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