5 thoughts on “Unplug From Technology?

  1. My thoughts on this are very similar to yours – I am torn! I agree with the kids things 100%, I am completely baffled by how much technology kids have their hands on nowadays – I played with dirt when I was little, not $500 devices!! At the same time I absolutely love the convenience of being able to connect with people all over in a matter of seconds. I definitely think it’s about finding a balance- as is most parts of life πŸ™‚

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  3. Yepp, I go back and forth too – I really think it comes down to keeping your technology use appropriate. When you’re with other people, put your phone away and spend time with those people. Enjoy it! But I love technology – it’s the reason I have a job, and it’s enabled me to stay in touch with my friends even though I live 700 miles away from all of them.

  4. the balance is so hard! i love love love instagram and twitter and how it connects me to people far away, but i’m the same as you that when i’m with a group of people or with one person specifically i try to keep it tucked away. to me it is so rude to be out with someone who’s eyes are glued to their phone.

  5. I agree with you, I’m torn. I definitely am on my phone and devices way to much and hate seeing little kids glued to screens, but at the same time technology is such a great and powerful tool! It’s a tough call.

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