Would Your Past Self Be Proud Of Who You Became?

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” – Unknown


Last Wednesday I started and finished a book. It was by no means an incredible read, it wasn’t all that well written, I hated the characters, really I didn’t like much of the book. I did however, like the idea of it. It made me think. It made me really ponder my life.

The book (which I wouldn’t recommend) was titled “What Alice Forgot”; the premise of it was that Alice fell, hit her head, and forgot the past 10 years of her life. She was shocked with how her life had turned out and the things which her future self now likes/does/has.

I am 22 years old, if I forgot 10 years of my life, I would think I was 12. Would that 12 year old be proud of who she became, or would she be mortified? Would she have changed anything in the past 10 years to prevent the current outcome? Is there anything she wouldn’t want to remember of the past 10 years?

I feel like it is almost too hard for me to think about forgetting the past 10 years just because I am still pretty young. Your teenage years are supposed to be the most pivotal; so anything that happened during those years truly shaped who I have become.

Overall though, looking back, there is nothing which happened which I wouldn’t want to remember. It is all those little things who made me. So without those moments, memories, experiences, who would I be?

What about you? Would your past self be proud of who you became? Is there anything you would like to forget? Is there anything you would like to change?

Jenna wrote a letter to her future self, she filled it with everything she hoped the Jenna in 10 years would be. In the end she just wanted her future self to be happy.

Happiness seems to be the biggest want that people have for themselves.

I think wondering if your past self would be proud of who you be came is slightly might not matter, as long as you are happy and are surrounded by the people you love, what else really matters?

+ What do you think your past self would think of what you became?
+ If you could go back would you do anything differently?
+ What is one thing you hope of for your future self?


4 thoughts on “Would Your Past Self Be Proud Of Who You Became?

  1. Your blog changed and I barely knew how to work it.
    So weird that you read this because I think I finished this probably about two months ago. It’s funny you didn’t really like it though because I actually did. I do agree though, it really got me thinking about life and how I would feel if this happened to me.
    Too much to ponder but I want to hope I’d be proud of this life.

    • Haha, yes I went the self-hosting route. Love it so much better!
      I think I just expected a little bit more from the book. It was your typical contemporary chick-lit fast read (IMO). I have a huge issue with GoodReads rating system (or maybe I am too critical) so when I see a book with 4 stars I expect a “4 star in my rating system”. I could rant forever on the rating system haha. So in the end I think I just expected more because of the average rating given to the book.

  2. Since I decided to drop off the end of the earth for a bit, I’m only reading this now, but thank you for the mention you beautiful human, you! I thought about this for a good ten minutes, whether or not I would want to forget 10 years of my life. At first I thought sure, I would love to forget some things I’ve done that I’m not proud of. I’d love to forget the 2 years of my life I had an eating disorder. Then I realized it was kind of dumb to want to forget those things because, as you said, they have shaped me in the person I am today. And I’m proud of who I’ve become. Cutting out a 10 year chunk of my life would leave me as a fragment of the person I am today, and I’d personally rather be the whole damn person. 🙂

    • I had the same ideas at first as well “sure let’s eliminate this, this, and this” but without those big ‘life changing’ things who would I have been. My life would turn into a Kenny Chesney song “And sometimes I wonder, who you’d be today”… And of course we would rather be the whole damn person because otherwise if we think of this in terms of Donkeys (or horses, or unicorns, or just donkeys) why have just ONE when you can have a whole farm and lie in the middle of it and have them roll around with you.. wait what?

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