Bloggers Block

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all” – Charles Bukowski


I feel like I have been losing my mojo over here. I used to love this little blog of mine. I used to sit down here almost every day and just pour my thoughts into my fingers. Somewhere along the line I ran out of things to talk about. I felt like my thoughts were inferior or not worth a post. I know, I know, that sounds fucking stupid. It’s my blog and I can talk about it if I want to (attempted to be to the tune of “It’s My Party”).

If I don’t want to write I don’t. The posts would be forced and complete shit.

The problem with not writing, is the less you write, the less you have to say. Does that even make sense? I heard that once and I just go with it. It was supposed to help bloggers block. I am not going to compose some deeper poetic meaning for it to make me understand it, so let’s just pretend we all understand it.

Wow, I’m sounding/feeling rather sassy today. Meow..
I should channel my inner Gaga and put my paws up, because baby, I was born this way.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, like we will pretend we understand it like we all understand that Giselle said Tom Brady could not catch and throw at the same time. Jamie would be so proud of that sports reference. Carrie too, I am sure. Hey girl hey!

I guess I have been starting to miss this little blog, miss what it used to mean to me. Although, it still means a lot. I want to start putting it first and stop ‘putting it off for another day’, because they say the less you write the less you have to write about.

So I am going to give this another hard go. Going back to writing about stories, things which made me happy, questions I have, basically a big tornado of all my crazy thoughts. Maybe that will put an end to this little block that I have had the past few months.

It just might.


3 thoughts on “Bloggers Block

  1. I haven’t had the time to post lately, and I miss it so much. So I forced myself to take the time tonight and I could not think of a single damn thing to write- the words “the less you write, the less you have to write about” are SO true. I find that when I’m in a good blogging groove I constantly have ideas, words flow easier, and I just feel better.

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