Today I am tired

“I want to go to sleep in my time machine and wake up eight hours in the future.” – Jarod Kintz


Today I am tired. I am the furthest thing from a night owl. Jamie celebrates if I make it to 10PM – I know, I am  a load of fun! I am not one to sleep in either, once my eyes open I cannot go back to sleep – I have no idea how people can do it.

Last night, I started a book – a really great book (so far). I stayed up and read 51% of it. That is part of the reason I am tired. I probably should have stopped at 30% and got some sleep.

The other half of why I am so tired is because of Twitter. Twitter never keeps me up, but last night was different. Yesterday, across Ontario we had they mayoral election. The polls closed at 8. By roughly 8:30, Toronto had all its counselors, and the mayor elected. My little town? Well, we had technical difficulties. Our server was down which caused issues tallying the votes. I would have easily gone to sleep and found out this morning who won (because just like a sporting event, whether you watch or not it doesn’t change the score).

The tweets that were coming in were hilarious and I couldn’t seem to put my phone down.




It took over 83 minutes for the start of the results to come in. 83 minutes.

I got a great amount of reading in – which I am happy about.

But today will be a struggle. Today I am tired.

I just hope 4 years from now we would have updated our server and at least tested it first.


3 thoughts on “Today I am tired

    • Seriously, we would have been perfect for sleepovers. Nothing like being the first one asleep and waking up and being the only one awake for hours. How does anyone sleep until 9/10 the morning is practically over!

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