“cit·y·scape – sidēˌskāp/ -noun: the visual appearance of a city or urban area; a city landscape.”
Yesterday my mom and I wanted to go take some pictures but to be honest, we are pretty tired of taking pictures of the same lakes, same parks, same trees – we really don’t have anything too exciting here so we basically have too many pictures of trees. Although we have a ton of pictures of our ‘downtown’ we decided to go anyway and do some ‘cityscaping’ because well, that just sounds more exciting.
It was pretty cold, it was lightly snowing, I discovered a hole in my yoga pants where the seam ripped so my thigh felt a bit breezy (hashtag thigh gap, hashtag who am I kidding), all I can say is Thank you God for my Under Amour heat gear shirt which did actually keep me quite warm.
It was a little sketchy, this whole cityscape thing. We wanted to take pictures of some of the graffiti, which just so happens to be in creepy alleys, where there are boarded up apartments.. We are alive, no one offered us drugs, and we learned that Canadian taggers (look at me, all down with the graffiti community lingo) are probably the nicest people around. They tagged a bunch of positive messages, and my absolute favourite someone tagged “I am sorry” and someone responded with “You are forgiven”.

2 thoughts on “Cityscape

  1. These are awesome! I loooove the sepia one. I know what you mean about too many photos of trees – I love taking pictures of nature but it gets so repetitive after awhile! Have a good Monday lady! ❤

    • All the trees start to blend together!! Nature can be so pretty, but I’m tired of trees. I live in cottage country, it’s all we really have.. You girly, have a fantastic day!

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