It’s Been Awhile

“For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can.” – Ernest Hemingway

It’s been awhile, since I’ve showed up over here. Which is something I seem to keep saying.. Between Christmas and New Year I couldn’t get myself on here.

But here is a recap!

Aside from my December looking like that, I have been:

//1. Binge watching Friends on Netflix. Previously I had only seen the odd episode, so starting from the beginning has been amazing. I am currently on Season 5, and just love it.

//2. I have been thinking about cutting my hair again. Last year when I donated 11.5 inches, I decided not to cut it again until the 1 year mark hit, mostly because I wanted to see how fast my hair grows. It’s been 10 months and it’s grown from my collar bone to just past my armpit. So my experiment can be over – I think. I love the length but I keep seeing pictures of shorter hair and love it. I don’t know what I will do.

//3. I have been having cream of chicken and rice soup every day for lunch for 3 weeks. Obviously not the same pot, I remake it every week since no one wants food poisoning. I love it. Best cold day meal.

//4. Speaking of Friends, why doesn’t Rachel ever wear a bra? Holy nipples in every episode.

//5. Jamie bought me Tropicana Orange and Grapefruit juice. OBSESSED.

//6. My electric toothbrush isn’t so electric anymore. I think it would be cheaper to purchase a new electric one than have to deal with batteries and replacement heads. Until I figure my shit out, I guess it’s just a boring manual brush.

//7. Jamie starts lacrosse back up on Thursday. I’m excited to take pictures. His last two weeks of fall league I had a telephoto lens and it’s amazing. Can’t wait to pull that baby out on Thursday.

//8. I’m drinking my juice. I love this juice. This juice is delicious.

//9. They just discussed Chinese food on Friends. I am so craving Chinese food. If only Jamie liked it more I could have it more frequently. General Tao get in my belly.

//10. One of my Christmas Presents from Jamie was a Kindle Paperwhite (he upgraded my other Kindle), and I am obsessed. I have umped my reading level. It makes the experience so much better. I can’t get off Goodreads, or watching book videos on YouTube. I. LOVE. READING.

Well, that catches you up on me.


What has been going on in this little blogland?
What is your favourite Friends episode?
Do you like Orange and Grapefruit juice? If not, don’t tell me.
What is the best book you read in 2014.


7 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. FRIENDS is probably one of my favorite shows ever created. i laughed out lout about the rachel nipple thing. so true, lol. it’s hard to pick one episode but one of my favorites has to be when joey’s refrigerator breaks and he tries in really random ways to get other people to buy him a new one. sounds weird, really hilarious.

    • Hahaha, I haven’t seen that one yet!! The one that I laughed at the most so far, was when Chandler was trying to break it off for good with Janice, and he had to book a flight to Yemen

  2. Friends is one of the most awesome shows ever! I love the episode when Phoebe is trying to help Joey speak french. I literally ROFL each time I see it. I just haid my hair like yours (to the armpit) and I just cut it out this december pixie-esque. A little bit larger than a pixie, just like a 20´s style, and I love it. I highly recommend trying it out. It is nice reading you 🙂

    • Oh my goodness you are so so so brave. I could never go that short! I have always had long hair (elbow length), and then I thought I was looking like a polygamist so chopped it, on the condition it was still pony tail length. I so admire your courage!!!!

  3. I have an absolutely insane amount of Friends knowledge. I got Friend Scene It game for Christmas when i was 16 and no one would play with me because I knew the answers to every single question hahaha I love sooo many episodes but The Holiday Armadillo one in Season 7 is the one I think of right off hand. Or the one where Ross plays the bagpipes & Phoebe sings along with him – it KILLS me. PS: you HAVE to youtube the bloopers for every season. I cry laughing every time. Now I really want to watch Friends. WE CAN ALL WATCH FRIENDS TOGETHER WHEN WE MEET UP!

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