House Warming Gift

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” – Ernest Hemingway

2 weeks ago I was sick. I had Pneumonia and Bronchitis – double whammy, double the sickness, double the crappy-ness, double the drugs. It really sucked. In the middle of this fun time Jamie’s parents moved, so to make my time on the couch a little bit more interesting, I worked on a little house warming gift.

I’m going to ‘humble brag’ for a minute here. I shocked myself with how great it turned out.

I went to Michaels and picked up some worsted weight cotton to whip up some dishcloths. Fun Fact – I went through this phase in college between 2nd and 3rd year where I knit/crocheted so much that I caused a severe muscle strain so I just popped some muscle relaxants and kept going I created permanent nerve damage in my left shoulder. I didn’t want to over do it, so I made 9 dishcloths, in 3 different colour schemes – bright/cheery, neutral earth tones, and soft pastels.

IMG_8803 IMG_8807

I wanted to throw a little something in with it – equally as cute, but something that went with it as well. I ended up purchasing a hand soap and lotion which came in a white metal stand. Pretty perfect. But to make it a little bit better, I designed little personalized labels for them. I know, genius right?

Unfortunately the original label was way too hard to remove. By way too hard, I mean, I spent 7 minutes on it, got frustrated and needed a Plan B (is it still capitalized if I am not talking about the Plan B/morning after pill?) so I went to Michaels and got scrapbook paper to wrap around the bottle to put the new label directly on top.

I made them all pretty with labels on the cloths and the plastic wrapper back on the soap/lotion and I thought – wow, I am pretty awesome  this is really cute.

IMG_8812 IMG_8937 IMG_8939 IMG_8942

After I was finished admiring my work, I wrapped them up in the cutest little gift bag I found for $2.99, added some tissue paper and presented it. So easy, and such a great gift.


‘Humble brag’ over.


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