Document Your Life April

I am a little late on getting this up here. April was a busy month!! It is usually the kick off of Jamie and I being on the go every weekend until July.

April 1 and 3 was Jamie and my sisters’ birthday respectively, and Cristina’s birthday happened to be Good Friday, so we celebrated with family on Good Friday and then with Jamie’s family Easter Sunday. So Busy, and it was only the first week.

Aside from birthday’s I helped Jamie’s stepdad paint their living room, had a wonderful visit with my friend who moved out west and her little baby (who is a lot bigger since I saw them last!!!), drank a lot of Starbucks, had our first BBQ without having to wear a coat and boots, read a LOT of books and completed my reading goal for the YEAR!

April was a great month.

Document Your Life April


3 thoughts on “Document Your Life April

    • You really should!! It was a little hard to get into the habit of taking video, but now where ever I go, I at least have 2 cameras (one being my phone) with me. It’s so awesome to look back on what was going on a few months ago (I talk like I am an expert – it’s only been 7 months ha!). I think if you start you will so appreciate the videos of your beautiful little babe when she isn’t so little anymore (especially of the afternoons you spend on that cute little blanket outside!)

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