Is It Fall Yet?

“And I go back to watchin summer fade to fall, Growin up too fast and I do recall, Wishin time would stop right in its tracks” – Kenny Chesney “I Go Back”


I feel like a bad person; bad Canadian for that matter. One thing you don’t do is wish the summer away – YOU. JUST. DON’T.

It seems like since August 1, I have been craving the fall. I have been trying to suppress this craving, afraid for it to surface. I have no idea what it is, after all it is still pretty hot here. I think it must be from all the ‘back to school’ ads. Back to school = fall, even if September is still considered summer.

I can’t seem to wait for the dark nail polish, the hot lattes, the fuzzy socks, the cozy blankets, the cool mornings, the cinnamon, the pumpkins, the hot soups, Jamie intently watching football, soft pretzels, the yoga pants, the scarfs, the chunky sweaters. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

But I am trying to. I am trying to suck in as much summer as possible. I have been trying to sit outside on the deck for a little bit each day with my Kindle. I have been trying to embrace the heat, even if it is just for a little bit longer.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.18.32 AM

After all, it won’t be long before I am longing to be doing just that. Once fall comes, it is like we have 1 month of perfect weather and then it is just a burden.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.19.24 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.22.03 AM



I love fall!

“I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.” ― Lee Maynard

I love fall. I just love fall. I usually start celebrating the day after labor day so I can get an extra 2-3 weeks in there of fall. On my official “start date” I was telling Jamie about all the things which I love about fall; he basically looked at me like deer in headlights as I went into the girl in the mirror.. You know, “If you look in the mirror and say ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ a girl will appear in yoga pants and tell you all the things she loves about fall”.. I was that girl. I am that girl.

So just to be that girl again, these are just a few of the reasons I am in love with fall.


//1. Sweaters, sweater weather, being cozy. My favourite weather is the one where it is too chilly to just have a t-shirt on, but not cold enough for a jacket. Sweather Weather. Put on a sweater and you are good to go. I love sweaters. I love Sweater Weather.

//2. Blankets. I don’t think there is anything better than curling up under a blanket on a cold fall night, or morning, and being all bundled underneath it.

//3.  Changes colours. So pretty. The end. I don’t understand how people can live in places where there are no seasons and cannot see and feel the change in the air…… but then winter comes and I think I start to get it – especially being in Canada where we all live in igloos.

//4. Scarves! I love wearing scarves. I have more than I would like to admit. I think they totally finish off an outfit. A scarf and a sweater; what better weather would you like?

//5. Fuzzy socks and leg warmers. There is nothing better than being cozy.

//6. Kindle. I adore my Kindle, and although I use it all year, there is just something special of being bundled up with a book on a cold fall morning o r night.

//7. Starbucks seasonal drinks. Nothing goes better with a cozy blanket, socks, scarves, sweater, and a good book, like a Starbucks. I mentioned I don’t like the Pumpkin Spice Latte (Love the frap though), but I do love the Salted Caramel Mocha (lactose free!), and although not seasonal the Caramel Apple Spice (Half sweet, no whip)… I think I just realized I like Caramel. I guess I need to stop telling people “I hate caramel”.

//8. Candles. Bath and Body Works. Like I said in number 7, “nothing goes better with….” just add “candles” to that list.

I just love fall……
– Just not as much as Christmas.
….And don’t get me started on  the fact I hate Halloween.
Seriously, it’s the one day which stands between ME and decorating for Christmas.
I am not American, and No I will not wait for the American Thanksgiving to be over
before I start decorating. Seriously what kind of BS logic is that? 
I do not understand Canadians with that logic. 
Jamie’s stepdad is  American,  so maybe I should should follow that ‘logic’.. But I won’t.
Okay, that rant escalated quickly.

& What is your favourite thing about fall?
& Do you like the Pumpkin Spice Latte?
& What books are you reading right now?


A Random MishMash of Life..

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” – Stephen King

Wow, it has been awhile since I made an appearance over here. There is really no reason for it other than I have been “busy”. I feel like you are as busy as you want to be; you can make time for the things you want to be doing. Lately, I just haven’t been feeling the whole blogging thing. Maybe it is because it was the end of summer, or because I just kept putting it off. I once read “the longer you go between blogging, the less you have to blog about”. So true.

Let’s have a quick catch up sesh shall we?

//1. My mom and I went out a lot the past few weeks to take pictures. Everywhere from by the lake, to the abandoned Drive In, to a Farmers Market, and a Church.






//2. We are coming to the end of the renovations – finally! So lately I have been doing a lot of DIY’s and other things which make my body feel like crap for the next few days. Pictures will come when everything is complete. 2 days ago I tiled for 12 hours, at this point I don’t believe my knees and shins will every fully recover.

//3. Jamie started playing Lacrosse again after a 3 week break between seasons.

IMG_1305**don’t strain your eyes. Somehow he didn’t make that picture**

//4. It was officially fall for me on September 2, when I had the Pumpkin Spice FRAP from Starbucks. I really hate the latte.


//5. Speaking of Starbucks. I finally received my Gold Card. I am officially a somebody.

//6. I am so pumped it’s officially fall (in my mind at least). I love fall. I love scarves. I love the colours changing. I love the coolER weather – I don’t like cold though let’s be real.

//7. I have been binge reading. I love reading.

//8. In my spare time I find myself at grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, rummaging through bins of Coke bottles on the hunt for “Julia”. I have so far, found 2. There seems to be an abundance of “James” though. I see it, I buy it, I drink it, I worry about  the effects later.

Really that has been all I have been up to!!

How have you been?
Do you like pumpkin spice everything, or just some things?
It is officially fall for you?

Gobble Gobble! Turkey Day Weekend!

“Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day.”  ~Robert Caspar Lintner

Wow. Thanksgiving weekend is finally over. I am officially all turkeyed out. I don’t want to think about turkey, or even consider eating a turkey sandwhich. After 3 turkey dinners I am done, done, DONE. 

Jamie and I lounged out for a few hours Saturday morning before the busyness of the weekend happened – and by lounging I mean, I sat on the couch all morning, watched YouTube, all while Jamie was at the gym. After a relaxing morning (for me), we hurried it up and got ready for a day at my house with my family. There was great people, food, wine, and conversation.







It was a really long day but most definitely worth it!

The next morning started out really beautiful outside! I woke up unusually early which woke Jamie up as I am not really a quite person. It all worked out though as Jamie had to go into work to write an order and decided he would pick up a bunch of food and make brunch-giving for me and his roommates. I absolutely hate eggs – so instead he made me a delicious BLT (minus the lettuce – he forgot it! oops!).


After brunch we were able to really relax (without Jamie going to the gym) for a few hours before we had to get ready to go to Jamie’s parents house for their dinner. Unfortunately the weather took a turn and decided to rain all day. On a positive note, I have been craving Jamie’s moms’ turnip all week, which means I was beyond excited to finally get it. It was as delicious as always.



Today was actually Thanksgiving day, however we were lucky enough to not have a 4th dinner to attend. Yay for no more turkey! Instead Jamie and I went for a really wonderful hour long walk around one of our parks. It was absolutely beautiful. The weather was perfect, the trees were vibrant, and it was a stereotypical fall walk!

The park is basically a trail going around the lake. Luckily enough there were ducks swimming around. I was on my hands and knees crouching on a rock trying to get their attention. Of course they swam on over to me. We were laughing as there was one male and three females. My mom is obsessed with the show “sister wives” (yes, you CAN judge her), so our joke was that they were all sister wives.

It was a beautiful walk, and we are hoping to make a tradition of going on a nice fall walk every Thanksgiving Monday.










Did you have a good weekend?
What did you do?
Can you ever get turkeyed out?





Well, This Day Got Serious Fast

“Be a blood and organ donor.  All it costs is a little love.”  ~Author Unknown

Friday started off as such a great day. It was absolutely beautiful outside! The weather was perfect and the trees were so nice and vibrant.



The first stop I had to make was at the bank! This verified how well my day was going to play out. The parking lot is always packed with cars and usually  you have to drive around for a spot – because who wants to park across the street? I pulled into the parking lot and it was like I did some crazy good karma and got the best spot – next to the wheelchair spot of course.


After I left my amazing parking spot the bank, I headed down to our radio station to donate some bras. Every October the radio station does a bra drive for breast cancer. For every bra they get, the local slots will give a dollar to breast cancer. The “cool” part of this (if not donating money was enough), at the end of the month the fire department goes down and strings all the bras around the building. I actually took a picture from last year.


So before I left I went though my draws and found 5 which I do not wear anymore, and my sister also gave me 5 of hers as well. After they are strung around the building they get dry cleaned and sent to women of (I think) Haiti. Last year there was over 4,500 bras donating – which is pretty awesome.

When I got to the radio station I was actually shocked with the number of bras which were already there – after all, it was only the beginning of the month.





As I left, I noticed there were signs lining the streets that there was a blood drive going on. I have wanted to donate blood for awhile but actually cancelled my appointment. You see, I am petrified of needles. I knew I would be able to give blood, but I was so afraid of the finger prick. I have never had one before and it seemed super frightening.

I decided I would just go for it. I mean, if I didn’t think too much about it, I wouldn’t be able to freak out. It was a few hours since I last ate, so I thought I should stop at Tim Hortons and get a muffin so my stomach wasn’t fully empty.


I finished my muffin and headed to Canadian Blood Services. I signed in, read the  information package – which was essentially everything that could go wrong with this appointment, followed by a list of questions of how you would be denied to donate. After I read it all I was given this pretty cool sticker which I was told to “Wear it proud”


I then sat with a nurse who entered everything in the computer – and then I had to get the super scary finger prick. I told her I was beyond scared of this and she told me to look away and “It would be over before I knew it”. I totally thought “bullshit. You’re lying to me lady”. Sure enough I heard the click and I just sat there tensed up waiting for this immense pain to happen…. Yeah, I didn’t even know the click was the stab..


On a positive note, I was told my glucose and my iron levels could not have been any better. I laughed and said “yay! I guess I am not diabetic”. Apparently the blood services is not somewhere to joke, because she asked me 7 questions about why I would think I had diabetes. “Is there a history in your family” “have you been tested before” “did you out grow it as a child”.

Moving forward I was sent into a room with a nurse to be asked “serious personal questions” such as “have you had sex with a man who has had sex with a man” or “have you handled a monkey and/or their urine in the past 6 months”.  This was then followed by a blood pressure check. Well, I was still shaky from the finger prick my pulse was at 114 – which is too high. I had to go “relax” for 15 minutes and try again. If I failed, I would have been denied for that day. I was not going to fail. I did NOT get stabbed for nothing. Sure enough, 15 minutes later my pulse was at 54.. Crazy right?

It was my turn to get into a chair and give blood. The nurse was annoyed that I had to get it taken from my left arm. I am not too sure why, but she was annoyed. She chose and “outer vein” which let me tell you hurt like a big ol’ mother f bomb. After the stinging went away she began the blood extraction. The sample blood, the vials, and the pint, took a total of 6 minutes and 13 seconds to extract. The woman beside me was on minute 30 and still going.




Everything was over and I had to sit for 10 minutes before I could go to refreshments. She was going to put a green gauzey thing on my arm but I requested pink!


Everything was over and I was done!… However, 5 minutes after I took this picture, I went to get my refreshments. I stood up ready to go home, and I instantaneously felt nauseous, I got tunnel vision, and my hearing went all weird – almost like I was under water. I started swaying, someone caught me, and I woke up on a stretcher covered in ice pacts and fans. Yeah, I passed out. The nurses were yelling at me “Keep your eyes open!” “stay with me!!!” “Don’t close your eyes”.. I remember thinking how badly I just wanted to sleep.

After a few minutes I was completely fine – however, they would not let me drive for a few hours. So instead, my dad came and picked me up. It was definitely an interesting first time donating blood!!!!

Have you donated blood? Ever fainted?
How was your week?








“Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants.” – Kevin James

Thanksgiving is this weekend!!! … In Canada at least. Jamie and I are packed this weekend with celebrating Saturday with my family, followed by Sunday with his. That is a whole lot of turkey. I am not entirely sure how it happened but about 2 weeks ago we decided to have a FriendsGiving with Jamie’s roommates, and chose Tuesday to be the day.

I spent the morning yesterday baking an apple pie with an amish crust (my favourite). It smelled absolutely delicious. Actually, while writing this, I could totally go for another piece.. Hmm, maybe I will have to bake again today….

When we finally arrived to Jamie’s there was a lot of cooking going on. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with his roommate Derrick who was cooking up a delicious storm – he is also single ladies! He had this whole dinner down to an art!

While waiting for Jamie’s other roommate to get home from work, I took that opportunity to take some pictures, and most importantly get a Friendsgiving picture with Smokey. Unfortunately, Smokey and I are still trying to get a decent picture together…



Everything was running so smoothly until 5:00….. The oven broke. Well the oven didn’t break. Something about a fuse and a connection and a clicking sound. I don’t overly understand. Basically the oven would not turn on. Luckily enough the turkey (and my pie!) were cooked, and the vegetables on the stove were partially there. Derrick called the super who said he would be right up……


Fast forward an hour and a half later, and he was still not up. So Jamie and Derrick tag teamed the vegetables and microwaved them the rest of the way.



Sure enough, everything worked out and all the food was delicious. We completely annihilated everything, yet seem to still have a ton of left overs.


As the boys cleaned up, Smokey and I shared some snuggles.



We all had a really great time! I mean, not as good as the time I PET A DONKEY, but you can’t really compete with that… Oh yeah, still no sight of the super… Thank goodness we have left overs.

Do you celebrate a friendsgiving?
What is your favourite thanksgiving food?
What is your favourite type of pie?




The Best Day EVER

“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong

Yesterday started out as a pretty good day – the sun was bright, the weather was nice, fall was totally in the air.


My mom had a doctors appointment in the morning, and to get out of the house I decided to go with her. I figured if anything I would be able to people watch in the waiting room. Either that or I could embarrass myself again. To my surprise, not only was there a very minumal wait time, but the office was completely dead. The only person to watch was my sister who wasn’t the most exciting.


After the appointment we decided to go out for lunch to one of my favourite places. The food is so delicious and always amazing. However, I found someone else’s hair in my salad and had to return that for another one. Ew right? It was such a beautiful day we decided to eat outside on the patio. They call it the “secret garden patio” as it is so secluded and hidden.



I had a clubhouse wrap with a greek salad (which I believe was the same thing I had last time). My mom and Cristina took the boring route and had a veggie wrap with a side salad. The sides are almost a meal size portion, so after a 1/4 of my salad I noticed the hair, sent it back, and to my surprise received a full meal size salad in return. I was so bummed I was unable to finish it all as it was so delicious.

We left lunch and went shopping. I was the only one who lucked out and found a pair of jeans. We went on the hunt for new boots for my mom but everything we found was absolutely ugly. Instead we decided to go to Baskin Robbins for some frozen yogurt – oh this was after we toured town looking for a decent cafe that didn’t smell – when we got to one we realized we never paid for parking so had to leave – and THAT is how we ended up there.  I decided on blackberry as my mom and Cristina went from some chocolate something or other.




Everything I said above was really just a filler to get to the REAL exciting part. We left Baskin Robbins and headed over to the zoo (we just got sloths, and we call Cristina ‘sloth’ since she moves at a sloths speed for anything – yeah just picture needing a band aid or help and just having her in the house….). When we got to the zoo I IMMEDIATELY noticed that the donkeys were moved to the lower fence part – MEANING, if they come close enough you can pet them!!!!! We all know how much I LOVE donkeys. I literally RUN over to see them. I actually have on my 2013 bucket list that I wanted to pet a donkey.

I was disappointed at first with how far away he was from the fence.

I then sawn him eating some leaves that were on the ground, so I jumped up and pulled some nice ones off the tree and held it up. To my pure excitement HE STARTED COMING TOWARD ME.


Although he spit the leaves out that I offered him he did stay for a while and allowed me to pet him, take a few selfies, and pet him some more. Oh, I learned his name was Pedro.







Unfortunately, after awhile Pedro left to go hang out with his female friend Rachel to share a meal together. I watched them eat some carrots before moving on to their hay.


It was seriously the most amazing thing EVER. I realize how much of a weirdo I sound like – but I mean COME ON!!!!!!!!! Gosh, I sure love donkeys.

How was your day?
What is your favourite animal?
Have you ever pet a donkey?