It’s been a long ass time…


Well hello there!

It amazes me I still knew how to log on AND figure out how to add a new post. I can’t even call myself a blogger anymore, that is how much of a slacker I am over here.

It makes me sad in a way, blogging used to be such a big part of my life – and now, it just isn’t. I think blogging was something I did when I had something better but not as exciting to do. Homework? Nah, I want to blog. Or blogging was an excuse to get out of the house. It gave me an excuse to go do things, to experience more, to say ‘yes’ more often. It was a way to document the little things that I otherwise would have forgotten if it didn’t show up on my TimeHop.

When I started to phase out blogging, I feel like a lot of my favourite bloggers were doing the same. Posts were getting more sporadic. No one was showing up as often as they were. But after signing on here again, I realized a lot of you are picking it back up again – not to mention Charlene, totally publicly peer pressured me to get my ass back in this chair and post something for me to read. So Charlene, this attempt to at least show up here a little bit more often is going out to you.

SO I guess you need a little bit of a catch up of my life?

And this kind of sucks. Because at this moment I realized how little there is to catch up on. Am I literally this boring? Fo’ realz?

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.49.14 AM

I landed my dream job. It is amazing. I can’t say enough wonderful things about it. I work from home, so I have a pretty awesome desk area. Not as awesome as it will be when Jamie and I get our own house and I have a full room to decorate, but it’s still pretty awesome.

Jamie won season hockey tickets from the newspaper, and somehow I have been lucky enough to not attend one game. I am telling you – life is good.


I got glasses. Sort of. I was getting really bad headaches. Google told me I either had a brain tumour, or I needed glasses. I went to the Optometrist, who said my vision was fine, I just had some slight eye strain from staring at screens all day. So I have glasses, but they don’t have a prescription in them. They reflect blue light – so they are basically like sunglasses for my computer/tv/kindle/devices.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.48.51 AM

I still drink too many Monsters, and should own stock in Starbucks.

Really not feeling this season of Greys. I’m not a Meredith fan – I don’t like her drama. I need more Alex.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.48.55 AM

My Christmas tree is up. It went up a week later than I would have liked, but now that it’s up – it’s so beautiful. I love Christmas. CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS.

I signed up for the Reddit Secret Santa, which immediately just stepped up my ‘coolness’ on the ‘cool scale’. I kept going back and forth between national vs international partner – and decided to go international, because #MapleSyrup

I tried shawarma, and I loved it. It did hurt my stomach a little though, but I am hoping it was something besides the shawarma. I am yet to go back though.

Seriously, am I really this boring?

I guess so. That’s all I can really update you on to catch you up to speed.

How was this post Charlene?


Document Your Life | May 2015

And just like that, another month is gone. May was a busy month!

It started off with Jamie going away for a weekend for a lacrosse tournament, which caused me to discover a cute little walking trail which I seem to go to a lot now. The obvious books, Starbucks, and Tim Horton’s obviously made their appearance as well. We were blessed with a whole lot of sun and nice weather – up until a few days ago. It was a pretty decent (but busy) month!

Document Your Life April

I am a little late on getting this up here. April was a busy month!! It is usually the kick off of Jamie and I being on the go every weekend until July.

April 1 and 3 was Jamie and my sisters’ birthday respectively, and Cristina’s birthday happened to be Good Friday, so we celebrated with family on Good Friday and then with Jamie’s family Easter Sunday. So Busy, and it was only the first week.

Aside from birthday’s I helped Jamie’s stepdad paint their living room, had a wonderful visit with my friend who moved out west and her little baby (who is a lot bigger since I saw them last!!!), drank a lot of Starbucks, had our first BBQ without having to wear a coat and boots, read a LOT of books and completed my reading goal for the YEAR!

April was a great month.

Document Your Life April

Remember Me?

“There’s nothing as exciting as a comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail, and then getting a second chance.” – Rachel Griffiths


Hello! Does anyone even remember me?

This little blog of mine used to bring me so much joy. I couldn’t wait to sit down and just type all my thoughts away. Somewhere along the way the joy started to disappear. It still gives me joy, but the new and exciting ‘I can’t wait to type this all down’ disappeared. I got caught up in all the extras, like self-hosting, and companies sending me things, and learning code, SEO, analytics, the numbers game, and this and that. What was once fun, started to grow and people were reading, and I felt like I had to ‘do more’, I started writing posts which generated views which I didn’t necessarily feel like writing. I stopped writing for me.

The thing is, I miss it. I miss what it was like in the beginning. I miss writing for me. I’ve wanted to ‘come back’ for awhile now, but this hiatus I was on was getting bigger and bigger and I felt like I needed to come back with something BIG and exciting, and the truth is, I am pretty boring lately – let’s blame this super shitty winter, and NO, I do NOT want to build a snowman. I don’t/didn’t have anything BIG to come back with so I kept putting it off, and putting it off.

So I am taking it back. I am going to sit down and just write; be selfish and write for me.

The thing is though, I feel guilty. I feel like when I don’t show up here that I have to apologize. Half of me saying it is ridiculous, but the other half doesn’t because truthfully if it wasn’t for you, the readers friends I don’t think I would have been around for almost 3 crazy years. So, let’s compromise. If I don’t show up, I won’t apologize, just think of me as that flighty friend who everyone hates because they don’t respond to text messages.. But if I do show up, pull up a chair, grab a glass of wine (or a cold can of a Green Monster) and let’s hangout… Because you can guarantee that is exactly what I will be doing.

Document Your Life | November 2014

“We don’t remember the days, we remember the moments” – Cesare Pavese

And just like that, November is over – which makes me so incredibly happy as Christmas is less than a month away!!

November was spent decorating for Christmas, reading books, sipping Starbucks, and having the dreaded first snowfall. Document Your Life November 2014 is up!!

“Average Barbie”

“This “normal” version of Barbie promotes realistic beauty standards”

In case you haven’t heard, there is this “Average Barbie” named Lammily which was created if she actually had the measurements of an average 19-year-old woman’s body, which comes with stickers that you can put on her of acne, stretch marks, cellulite, tattoos, scars, freckles, birth marks. Sounds kind of cool, I love the concept. But “Average Barbie” irks me.


1) First of all, her coined name is “Average Barbie” and her slogan is “Average is Beautiful”. The word ‘average’ is kind of negative in my opinion. No one grows up saying “I cannot wait to be average. I can’t wait to have an average life. Yay, I am average”. No one aspires to just being average, mediocre, or typical. Average usually means boring. In fact, there are even Twitter accounts making fun of this exact thing. That being said, wouldn’t kids want the other Barbie since she isn’t average? She is the ‘special’ one?


2) The doll looks like an average soccer mom who probably drives your average van and wears your average mommy jeans. I do not mean that dolls need to be sexy – because I don’t – but I know I would have rather played with the fun exciting looking doll with the cool clothes than the one that matches my friends’ mom.


3) I do LOVE, that this doll is more modest, isn’t in skanky clothing, and her swimsuits aren’t falling off her. But I think her clothes could be a little more exciting. Just because your body is ‘average’ doesn’t mean you have to dress like you are 40 at 19.


5) She is sporty, which there is nothing wrong with. But saying that, she isn’t ‘average’ she is ‘toned’; she is ‘muscular’. She has a firm plastic stomach, not a soft one with some extra softness in the arms.

4) I don’t believe it is Barbie which gives young girls body image issues and claiming this Average looking Barbie will help fix that is just ignorant. Yes, sure, regular Barbie might not help, but she isn’t the sole issue. Making one product a little more ‘real’ just puts a BandAid on the real issue. Turn on the TV, open a magazine, watch a music video, look at a mannequin in a store. I believe that those are more ‘in your face’ and cause more issues than Barbie. Those photoshopped models have more of an impact since they look more ‘real’ than a plastic doll you can hold in your hand. The Robyn Lawley’s, or Ashley Graham’s, or the Georgia Pratt’s are what is real.


5) The beautiful “plus size” models look more like any real person opposed to any photoshopped tiny 90lb model, or plastic doll. Sure, they too are photoshopped, they are made to look good as well, that is in the industry, but they are more than just ‘plus size’, the terminology needs to go, advertisements need to change. When that happens, things like “Average” Barbie will have more of an impact.

Furthermore, there needs to be shift and have less focus on size and outer beauty and more on intelligence and inner beauty. Robyn puts it best herself. “Curves don’t epitomize a woman. Saying, ‘Skinny is ugly’ should be no more acceptable than saying fat is. I find all this stuff a very controlling and effective way of making women obsess over their weight, instead of exploiting their more important attributes, such as intellect, strength and power.” And it are those qualities which little girls, or women in general need to focus on.




That is what is more important.

Everyone preaches ‘size doesn’t matter’ but clearly it does. Society needs to shift, and focus on raising strong, independent, intellectual, intelligent, kids who can rise to become powerful adults. Not focus on shallow things such as size.

So this is why “Average” Barbie irks me.


Christmas Wishlist 2014

“The bell still rings…for all who truly believe” – The Polar Express

There are 37 days until Christmas. Thirty. Seven. Days. Oh how I am such a Christmas nut. I contemplated uploading my Christmas Wishlist because nothing has really changed from last year… Everything I need, I have (or had to buy since I need it), and I am really not at want for anything… Even still I came up with a pretty basic list of things I am hoping for. I love seeing what other people are asking for, so why not share mine. Here is my Christmas Wishlist of 2014!


//1 A sleep mask. I am kind of in need of one. I sleep with one every single night – in fact, I cannot fall asleep without one. The problem though is that I only have one. Let me just tell you, if you only wear the same one for 2 years, it gets a little…..grungy. It has become discoloured and just kind of gnarly. The one I have isn’t supposed to go in the washing machine (yes, I realize I sound like a dirt savage), so I tried to wash it with a tooth brush and laundry detergent. I don’t know what I did, but let me tell you, I wake up with slight eye irritation every morning. Probably not healthy.

//2 Hair Supplies. I don’t know why, but I am constantly in search of hair ties and bobby pins. I swear, a pack of 500 bobby pins can go missing in a matter of days and I am always stuck with the same awful bobby pins with the ends broken off which cause severe hair loss while trying to use one.

//3 OPI – Every Month is Oktoberfest & Essie – Wicked. I have been on the hunt for the OPI polish for 2 years – my little town sucks and only one store carries OPI and it’s only their standard collection. As for the Essie, well I am in love with Oxblood nailpolish.

//4 A Macbook. A Macbook Pro 13.3… This is kind of wishful thinking, but on my list nonetheless. My computer is 5 years old, the battery doesn’t work so it has to be plugged in all the time. if my cord moves even slightly it will turn off. It is constantly freezing and has to be restarted almost too often. Sometimes it will just random restart on its own for no apparent reason. Sometimes it brings me to the verge of tears in frustration. I hate this computer. I need a Mac. Send me one? Please? Anyone?

//5 Candles/Gift card to Bath and Body Works. I love Candles. It’s no secret. Every year on boxing week I stock up on candles from Bath and Body (hello 75% off), and I am good for the year. No one ever gets me the gift cards or even candles (except for my sister, and occasionally Jamie) because I guess people assume it’s all I get? But it’s not, so I would love some help in the boxing week sale department.

//6 Pajamas/Night Shirts. I am in love with cozy and warm pjs. But as of lately I have been loving leggings, fuzzy socks, and a night shirt. It makes me feel a little bit more put together but equally as comfy.

//7 Anything in Grey or Mint. I have such a color obsession with Grey – Charcoal and slate in particular, and Mint – muted or not. I just have a huge hard on for anything in these 2 shades. Love.

& What is on your Christmas list?
& What is your current colour crush?
& Email me if you would like my address to ship me a Macbook. You will forever be my favourite person.