Picture Day – The Worst Part of School

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” – Albert Einstein

I have always loved school. Assignments, homework, reading, essays, taking notes, I loved it all. I am actually kind of sad that this is my first year where I don’t get to go back to school shopping at Staples, let alone the part of actually going to school. With saying that, there is always one day of the entire school year which was dreaded by the majority. Picture day. There was nothing happy or exciting about this day.

I have compiled images of my horrible picture days to illustrate a few things.

  1. What not to do/wear
  2. Horrible hair cuts which I had to endure
  3. I clearly had no brain


Well, Kindergarten. Can we please just focus on the horrible bangs? WTF was with this hair cut mom?? I think we can all agree that I am no Zooey Deschanel and the blunt bangs are not attractive. I wont discuss the clothing as it was 1997, but there is no excuse for those bangs. The sad thing is, since this is the Kindergarten photo, We still have around 54 sheets of wallets, and 15 pages of 11×14, among all of the 5×7. I think we got the “Eternity package: The package that just keeps giving until the end of time”.


Grade 1. This is probably the worse of them all. Seriously, the bangs again!!! On top of that, I have no idea what my mom was thinking by cutting my hair to my chin. In all honesty, I believe my fear of short hair steams from this cut. Its a 90s version bowl cut. There have been times where I considered short hair, and realized even a straightener would not make much more of an improvement to this.


Grade 2. See that sparse patch of bangs? I was so sick of those god awful bangs I had for years, the night before this picture I took scissors and scalped them. The thin straggly hair is makeshift bangs to cover up that patch. Well kids, do not give yourself a haircut. As for this giant purple scrunchie, I do not have the words.


Grade 3. This is just ALL bad. As soon as I saw this picture I even debated doing this post at all. This has to trump the Kindergarten blunt bangs. The sweater, to the curls, to the bangs. Those folks, are the remains of what I had scalped. I don’t have any words for this picture, it is just SO bad. I am proud t o say, this is the last time I had bangs until I got side bangs in high school. Thank God.


Grade 4. We can see the bangs have grown out. My mom managed to do my hair half decent that morning. I had to laugh looking at this photo. It was 2001, and very much evident we were barely out of the 90s, as the sweater was incredibly baggy, in fact I believe it sat mid thigh… Oh and it was fleece. I am sure I died of sweat in class.


Grade 5. I am sort of having a style. I m wearing a ring. What is not apparent in the photo is that my finger was green as the ring tarnished it. Although this sweater is better than grade 4, I absolutely hated it. I was looking at this picture and remembered how much I hated it but not remembering the reason. Then I happened to stumble across it. Yes, my sister who is 3 years younger was forced to wear the same sweater in a different colour the same year. And to think my mom now claims she never dressed us alike once we started school. Here mom, your proof.



Grade 6. The year I started doing everything myself. My first year was an epic fail. Who wears a tight pony tail on picture day? I look like I have no hair. I remember wearing my favourite shirt and I was so happy to do so. Looking at this picture I wonder why I loved it so much. I remember thinking grade 6 was my “awkward” stage. Although looking at this picture I don’t think it was really that bad.

IMG_0070Grade 7. Wow, I was in love with the picture. It was my MSN messenger profile picture and everything. It must have been the chocker which I loved so much, or the fact it looks like I don’t own a brush. I mentioned a few posts ago that I had a porcelain tooth, it made its debut 2 months before this picture was taken.

IMG_0071 The photo above is the one which we ordered. The one we didn’t, is the real beauty here. It really illustrates the chocker which I believe I wore daily for at least a year. The giant dangle earrings which were intertwined hearts (which yes, they were my favourite). I also proudly wore bright purple nail polish – at least my polish addiction started early; even if it was bad. You can only see a peak  into it, but both my arms where full of bracelets. The orange one? Yeah that was a sweat band with the Gemini symbol. I was so cool.

IMG_0067Grade 8. Blue sued shirt. Yes, you heard that right. The funny thing is, I digressed, I have no make up on in this picture but I did the year before in grade 7. Weird. my hair was horrible. It was almost like I was trying to reenact the amazing picture from the year before, but since my hair was longer the curls which started did not help.

IMG_0068Much like grade 7, the photo above is the one we ordered. The one which was not ordered was a beauty. The big thing which was in this year was cancer bracelets. The yellow is obviously LiveStrong, and I have no idea about the other two. I believe the pink is for breast cancer (at least that is what make sense). After this year I retired the bracelets until almost a year ago when Jamie bought me another LiveStrong. Aside from that, lets focus on the bulky digital watch. It would beep 10 minutes before lunch every day.  I really needed a hair brush.

IMG_0066Grade 9. I think this would have to be the best school picture which I had taken. I don’t really have too much to say about it. I think that was the only time I could pull off frosted lipgloss.. I cannot comment on the shirt as it was a mandatory uniform. I did have a very, very drastic left side part.

IMG_0076Grade 10. This is a bad, bad picture. I would have been okay if it wasn’t raining that day. My once straightened hair was going curly and all over the place.. Unfortunately this is the last picture which was taken. No pictures were ordered for grade 11, or 12 (with the exception of my grad photo), and the only picture I have for college is on my student card and is too small to really show.

What was your picture day experience like?
Do you feel awkward looking back on yourself?


So.. College is over.

“Every new beginning, comes from some other beginnings’ end” – Semisonic: “Closing Time”

So this morning I woke up to this message on my phone..


… No I did not wake up at 10:00, it was merely the time I thought “hey, maybe I should get a screen caption”…

I can’t believe this chapter in my life is over.. Wow, how cliché did that sound… Seriously though, it’s over! I somehow (idiotically) managed to condense 3 years of college into 2 years. Of course, I could not have done it without a shit ton of help!


I owe a whole lot to green monsters. Mostly for the last year and a half. I never liked energy drinks, I never understood them. Then one day as I was falling asleep in a microeconomics lecture, I look around and I swear, at least 3/4 of the class had an energy drink, then it hit me. I NEED ONE. The next day I went to the convenience store and was overwhelmed with all my options. One of my best friends drinks green monsters, so why not give that a try… Addicted ever since.


Of course green monsters are absolutely wonderful… But early in the morning – say 8:00am classes, or cold days, you just need a Starbucks to wake you up, or to warm you up.

drinksThe monsters and the Starbucks are really just a filler until you can get home and drink your sorrows, stress, and everything else away…. And a few shots of tequila never killed anyone.. Although following the Canadian food and drug standard, do not mix alcohol with an energy drink.

drinkdrankdrunkOf course there were times where I actually did more than just consume a lot of alcohol and caffeine (not together)



I also had some friends which really helped get through all this craziness.



95Really though, complaining about going to school with someone who is there with you day after day is definitely a perk. Each of you have the same frustration, stress, and anger towards the same thing… And honestly, how amazing is it to have a friend who will document themselves eating their cheese and crackers on your behalf as your stomach can not handle dairy?…… and for the record. It was not me going on the stripper pole.

jjThere was also Jamie and his crazy faces, and he can sometimes be funny when I do not fall victim to being tickled. His shenanigans also helped alleviate some built up stress….

Somewhere between all of these addictions and shenanigans, this happened.

itsoverAnd now… I am done forever…So if you know of anywhere hiring for International Trade, logistics, customs, importing or exporting…… please let me know!