Is It Fall Yet?

“And I go back to watchin summer fade to fall, Growin up too fast and I do recall, Wishin time would stop right in its tracks” – Kenny Chesney “I Go Back”


I feel like a bad person; bad Canadian for that matter. One thing you don’t do is wish the summer away – YOU. JUST. DON’T.

It seems like since August 1, I have been craving the fall. I have been trying to suppress this craving, afraid for it to surface. I have no idea what it is, after all it is still pretty hot here. I think it must be from all the ‘back to school’ ads. Back to school = fall, even if September is still considered summer.

I can’t seem to wait for the dark nail polish, the hot lattes, the fuzzy socks, the cozy blankets, the cool mornings, the cinnamon, the pumpkins, the hot soups, Jamie intently watching football, soft pretzels, the yoga pants, the scarfs, the chunky sweaters. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

But I am trying to. I am trying to suck in as much summer as possible. I have been trying to sit outside on the deck for a little bit each day with my Kindle. I have been trying to embrace the heat, even if it is just for a little bit longer.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.18.32 AM

After all, it won’t be long before I am longing to be doing just that. Once fall comes, it is like we have 1 month of perfect weather and then it is just a burden.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.19.24 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.22.03 AM



I Tried Boating

“Sail away from the safe harbour” – Mark Twain

For the past few months Jamie has been obsessed with the thought of getting a boat. I never understood the whole ‘boating’ things. I own a pair a Toms and figured that was good enough.

The opportunity came for Jamie and his brother to purchase a boat and they jumped on it. They picked it up Monday, and Jamie has been smitten ever since.


Last night I was invited to go, and I apprehensively did – I even bought a boating hat! As I mentioned on Instagram, it was the first time I was on a boat which didn’t serve dinner while touring the harbour at sunset. And you know what? It wasn’t THAT bad. I still don’t really understand the ‘obsession’, but I got a lot of sun and reading in and that was pretty cool.



The boys had a wonderful time fishing, and they were kind enough to let me snap pictures quite often.





Until next time…


Life Lately…

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Life has been so incredibly insane the past few weeks!! Wow. I feel like I have missed out on so much around here. I missed this little blog of mine.

I have been around, catching up on most of you and your doings, although I have been silent and not commenting, I am reading! Promise! As for LifeFullOfJules, it has definitely fallen into the background once again. It is just so easy to get caught up in the busyness and keep putting it off just “one more day”. That day never really came…

Wow, where have I been.. So much has changed, yet so much is still the same. Was sick, got a job, started a job, got obsessed with Scandal (OMG!!!!!!!), chopped my hair off , and that is the quickest summary I have.

Let me see… I had a job interview (and got the job).. Finally right? It only took like 9 months.. I am working for a company doing Social Media Marketing.. It still blows my mind. I originally went to school for marketing, but transferred my program after the first year. Then I started up this teeny tiny blog, which got me my job. It is just so unbelievable to me..

Before I started, I got sick which is where my absence began. Oh Lordy, it wasn’t fun. I woke up on a Saturday with a sore throat. It wasn’t too bad, but it was definitely there. The next thing I know, it was a full on, week long cough. It was so bad during the night, Jamie took a late night run to the drug store for night time cough medicine so we could both get some sleep.. Then stuff was breaking up, and needless to say, I sounded like I had emphysema for 30 years.

Took me a week but I got better! As I was recovering I got a really bad bite on my finger.. My ring finger. My finger swelled up REALLY bad and I couldn’t get my ring off. I didn’t want to get the ring cut off so I tried everything to try to get the swelling down, elevating, ice, dental floss.. Everything I tried made it worse. I called the jewelry store to see if they would cut it off and they wouldn’t, but since I have a warranty it would cover the cut! I was sold. I called the doctor to see if they could cut it and they would. I went there and was taken into a room and I kept saying “If it is a clean cut it is covered under warranty. Make sure it’s a clean cut”… well, crazy bitch turned around with not only the cutting tool but a giant ass needle. I sat there saying “WHAT THE HELL. I did NOT sign up for that.” I hate injections. Giving blood, no problem, injection no way. She said it is a shot of Benadryl and it might help the swelling so I can get the ring off myself. I stupidly complied. It made the swelling so bad you could see my finger pulsing. She ended up cutting it off anyway.. She said if I didn’t get the ring off, based on my finger nail beginning to turn purple I probably would have lost the finger by the next night..


Then I took a few days, sat on the couch and got addicted to Scandal. You know, I have heard people talk about it for a while now. Was never really interested. Saw it on Netflix, and again, wasn’t interested. Then I had about an hour one night, couldn’t find anything to watch, and just like that, 45 seconds in. Addicted. I am currently halfway through season 3, and absolutely loving it!!!

The biggest change that happened besides the job, was chopping my hair off. I have been talking about wanting to do it since June but never had the balls. Well, that and the fact Jamie’s mom wouldn’t do it. And the fact she is my stylist kind of causes an issue there. I was thinking about it a lot last week and decided I would text her and see if she would cut it – after all I was starting to look like a polygamous.. She was hesitant but she relented. I was trying to figure out how short I wanted it and then that led me to look into looking at hair donations. What intrigued me was that each organization donates to certain types of cancer. I ultimately decided on Pantene’s organization “Beautiful Lengths” which donate to breast cancer. Their minimum donation with 8 inches. I figure, yeah I can do that. Then the big day came. I ended up going shorter than I originally thought, and I am so glad I did. I absolutely LOVE my new hair. I cut off just a little bit shy of 11.5 inches. That is almost a foot of hair! My hair currently sits at my collarbone (instead of my waist) so it is still long enough that I am able to do anything I want. I am guessing now, I need to update my Meet Jules page, my twitter and Instagram and remove “long haired”…

IMG_0384IMG_0385IMG_0386 ——————————————————————–
I missed you guys!!!
+ What has been going on with you
+ have you ever donated hair
+ what is the longest you have had it?!

My Closet; The Time Machine

“Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.” – Oscar Wilde

I mentioned a few posts ago that my closet is like a time machine. It is jammed packed full of unnecessary junk which needs to be purged or organized according to my mom memories. Every so often, maybe every 7-12 months I will pull everything out and go through it and see what I have been hoarding keeping.

For the first time in a long time I pulled everything out. I originally was in search of something, which I just realized I never found or got distracted and forgot about it (I also cannot remember what I was searching for which is currently frustrating me….). In the midst of looking for said object I got a little caught up in some of the things I found.

The items in my closet are a glimpse into the person I used to be. It is stuffed full of mementos of hopes and dreams of the girl I was, the girl I hoped to become, and even the person who I have become.  Some items I kept because it was easier to throw in the closet and forget about it, than to walk 20 feet and find the garbage; it is those items which seem to mean the most. The items of memories you would have otherwise thrown away.


There were items which I feel like I haven’t seen in years. The items which either meant a great deal, or were accidental memories.

The yearbook from my grade 8 graduating class – I was co-editor. Our yearbook group spend hours after school for weeks trying to pull it off. Has it really been 8 years? Flipping through the pages it seems like a lifetime ago, yet in other ways it could have been yesterday. The girl I was that lifetime ago could not wait for high school and the amazing years that would be spent there.


I pull more things out and I find not only all 4 yearbooks from high school, but the graduating picture. A picture which I haven’t opened since receiving it graduation night 4 years ago. It has been so long that the rubber band holding it closed has left an indent.



The more I dig the more I find. The mirror which lived through high school with me. The same mirror which hung in my locker for all 4 years. A mirror I looked in multiple times a day, every day. I looked in it on every good and bad day. Before every class, lunch, morning, afternoon – wow I sound vein. It is such a small (and really cheap) thing which I literally watched myself grow in. This September will officially mark 4 years since finishing high school. I would have been out of high school as long as I was in it.


I find my first two stages of driving licenses. Things I couldn’t wait to obtain. Paperwork, actual license, the admit slips for class since I was late coming back after taking the tests. Homeroom 217 – religion. It will be 6 years in June that I got it. 6 years.



I keep digging. I find 2 cellphones. I laugh at first, an LG chocolate spin, and a blackberry storm (the original) and totally the coolest thing ever at the time. I kept them in my pocket every day. I find a charger, I plug them in and turn them on. I read text messages. Complaining about homework, math tests, who was grounded and who could hang on a Friday night, what movie everyone wanted to see, who had detention or who could come for lunch. Those were the biggest issues of those days.


I remember living through all of this wishing and dreaming about being older so it could all be over. I was never content. Working on our yearbook wishing we were in high school and driving. I got to high school, started driving, wishing I was 18 so I could do whatever I want and high school would be over. I turned 18, high school ended, did the college thing, couldn’t wait for that to end. College ended and life started. I am at the place I always wanted to be, and yet there are still things I can’t wait for – paying off school, buying a house, marriage..

Somehow, just going through my closet and getting a glimpse of the past causes me to slow down. To enjoy and to live in the present. To realize everything goes by way too fast.

Then just like that, I put everything back inside, and close the door on those little memories for another day.


Do you have a little time travel box/room/closet?
What do you miss most about the past?

My Life In Numbers

“Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes, Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments” – Seasons Of Love

Last week miss Carrie inspired this post with hers. Although, she actually added some pretty awesome ecards and I mean, I can’t compete with that.. So I am going to say this is my own spin! I think it is such a great idea. Our lives seem to be so consumed with numbers. Weight, blog followers, twitter followers, number of errands to do, countdowns, days, money, everything comes down to a number. It kind of irritates me, I don’t really like writing down numbers, I think my 5’s look too much like an “S” and my 4’s look like 9’s (maybe that is why I never did exceptional in math class. hmm). But for the fun of it, I am going to take a look at my life.. In numbers.

>> 22, the age I will be this year. It sounds so old to me. How could I be 22? I mean at least I will be able to sing with T.Swift “I don’t know about you… But I’m feeling 22”

>> 15, the age I was when I met Jamie. If only I knew then what a huge part of my life he would become only a short 3 years later.



>> 236, the number of days it has been since I last saw my bestie. I think that means a trip is in order.


>> 52, the average number the bestie and I talk on a daily basis.

>> 3, the number of pictures I usually post to instagram daily.

>> 91, the number of times I tell mr. Smokey Joe I love him in a day


>> 1, the number of Green Monsters I drink in a day

>> 2, the number of Green Monsters I had today

>> 141, the number of posts I have published (after this goes live) since starting this little blog of mine

>> 141, the total number of quotes I have started each blog post with

>> 2, the number of injuries I have obtained from knitting.

>> 1, the number of current knitting injuries I have to deal with (muscle strain in my shoulder)

>> 80, the age I am at heart.

>> 2, the number of tattoos I want. Or one? 2 things done at the same visit side by side.. Does that count as one or two?

>> 27, the length in inches that my hair is when straightened


>>45, the number of NASCAR driver I can name after almost 4 years of being with Jamie. I know, impressive.

>> 1, the number of movies I can recite the entire thing from start to finish.. Matilda.

>> 2, the number of cows I have claimed as my own (and named) on the way to Jamie’s parents house.

>> 5, my favourite number.

>> 86,400, “seconds in a day/ to turn it all around or throw it all away/ we gotta tell them that we love them / while we got the chance to say / gotta live like we’re dying”

Tell me your numbers!
What is the most significant number if your life?

People Who Deserve Paper Cuts…

“A smile opened, thin as a paper cut” – Michael Chabon

Do you know what sucks? Paper cuts. They hurt like a mother trucker, the bleed like Niagara Falls, and you want to amputate your finger if you happen to get one under your nail. Maybe I am just a wimp, but I would much rather accidentally cut myself with a knife while chopping vegetables than get one of those deadly paper cuts. Is that weird?

I also get annoyed very easily by people. Well, that’s not true. I feel like I have a pretty great tolerance (I am sure Jamie is laughing while reading this) but there are certain things people do with severely annoy me. And since I am trying to be a better person, I think it is only right to get these emotions out. These are the people who deserve to have one of those Mother Trucker under the nail Niagara Falls paper cuts.


+ People who brag about/post pictures of the numerous alarms they have to get out of bed in the morning. Why does one need to brag about setting 34 alarms spread out in 90 minutes before they need to get up? It goes off, you get up, you get ready, and you go do whatever you have to do. Snooze buttons should be illegal. Also, while typing this, I cannot rationally figure out how it even affects me, all I know is that it annoys me.

+ Multiple pictures on Instagram seconds apart of the same thing. For example a family picture taken beside the Christmas tree. Find one, Instagram it. I do not need to see the top 12 family pictures plus the top 5 couple shots, plus the 7 pictures of the dog in light up antlers.

+ I guess this one goes hand in hand with Instagram. #Instagram #hand #hands #handinhand #guessing #girl #GirlsOfInstagram #typing #laptop #me #PleaseGiveMeAPAPAERCUT #cut #paper #papercut #deserving #please #manners

+ Facebook statuses over dead beat daddies. I think some things need to be kept personal and not for your 600 closest friends to read about. Child support, custody, how much you hate them, etc. I think discussing on a FB status makes you JUST as bad as the dead beat. Go to court work it out or STFU and get in line for paper cuts.

+ Parents who cannot control their children in public. Why am I tripping over your bratty kid because you cannot say “no”? Having a kid roll around on the floor screaming and kicking is unacceptable, seriously, how bad do you REALLY need whatever you are picking up. The child is 5, pick them up and leave the establishment before I yell at them – and I will – and on your way out go get a paper cut. UNDER. ALL. YOUR. NAILS.

+ Bitchy employees. I did not walk into your place of employment and fill out the application for you, went to the interview for you, and got you the job. If you hate your job that much – quit, or don’t be bitchy to customers because I have a question regarding something in your facility. Everyone has bad days, but it does not excuse rudeness. Come here, get a paper cut and have a reason to be bitchy.

+ Lastly, for my Canadian friends who I am sure can relate… People in the Tim Horton’s Drive Thru who order 8 coffees, 3 teas, 4 – 12 pack of doughnuts, 5 breakfast sandwiches (all custom made), 2 Panini’s, and a free TimBit for their dog.. And your paper cut will be ready at the window.

Let’s get our anger out together.

Who do YOU think deserves a paper cut?
Do you think I missed anything?
Is there anything you hate more than a paper cut?


My One Word.. Shit Gets Real.

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” – Harvey Fierstein

I have been sitting at my computer staring onto this blank screen for what seems like eternity – which I am sure, has only been 15 minutes… For whatever reason, I feel like this is the hardest post I have written to date. I know that I feel completely vulnerable and that makes me uncomfortable (or maybe it’s from this depressing singer/songwriter acoustic remix I have playing…). One thing about me is that I am a VERY closed off person. I don’t like talking about my feelings or my emotions. If I am mad, upset, sad, whatever, I will internalize it, deal with it, and shove it away. Unhealthy yes, but it is me. So feeling as though shit is about to get real scares the hell out of me. But let’s do this.


Last year I saw people pick a word – their one word for the year “This process forces clarity by taking all of your big plans for life change and narrowing them down into a single thing”. I didn’t really take the time to understand it. Then this year, I read Taryn’s word (she chose “YES”) and it got me thinking I should try this out – especially since my 2013 bucket list was a completely fail!

So… I took a few days and I came up with my word – which is really an acronym since I clearly have issues following rules. LOVE. Learn, Work, Serve, Respect.


Backstory – I don’t know how to articulate this without making myself sound heartless – I am not a compassionate person, I lack sympathy and empathy. I am a very black and white person, I hate grey, it is or it isn’t, yes or no. There are no maybes in my world. I have the mentality that shit happens, roll with it, everyone has their own issues so shut up and deal with it. People come to me for help/advice if and only they want a blunt answer. I do not coddle, I do not tell you everything will be okay, I do not give hugs and a shoulder to cry on. I will give you a reality check, go over realistic options and if you are still dwelling a week from now, I sure as hell do not want to hear it. Either make a change and do something about it, or shut up and dwell on your own. Seriously though, I really AM a nice person, even though I sound like a cold and heartless person. I always had these qualities but I feel that taking a business program in college made it much deeper – look out for yourself and only yourself, it’s not personal it’s business, if you want a promotion you work on it and don’t depend on anyone, etc.

So, why love? Love the life you live, and live the life you love. Simple as that. As for the acronym, I believe you can always learn. You can learn from every little thing you do, learning is growing – whether it is learning in a classroom, a book, or just life itself. Knowledge is Power. Everything is work, working on this word, working on learning, serving, and respecting. It will not be easy but it can be achieved. Serving, this is the hardest aspect for me. Letting go of “look out for yourself and only yourself”, allowing people in, trying to show compassion and empathy. Serving others. Even if it is just a smile at a stranger. I mentioned to Jamie once that everyone is constantly saying ‘Hi’ to him, and he said he “looks them in the eye and smiles” – seems simple enough, but honestly I don’t do it, I don’t know how – I never saw the reason for it – I don’t know you, so why would I welcome you in? Respect is a quick follow up. Having respect for those strangers and what they might be going through, offering a smile in case that is the only thing they receive that day.

All of these goals seem so simple, but it is so outside of my comfort zone. The fact I am writing this amazes me. I feel vulnerable, scared, uncomfortable, and everything in the thesaurus which falls under those.

I am thinking I will leave it at that. I poured out more emotion than a Dr. Phil episode. My word is Love, Learn, Work, Serve, Respect. I got this, 2014, I got this.

… Now, it is time I go mix myself a drink.

+ Did you pick a word (acronym/phrase – if you can’t follow rules like me) for 2014?
+ Do you believe in grey areas or are you black and white like me?
+ Did you accomplish items on your bucket list last year?