Is It Fall Yet?

“And I go back to watchin summer fade to fall, Growin up too fast and I do recall, Wishin time would stop right in its tracks” – Kenny Chesney “I Go Back”


I feel like a bad person; bad Canadian for that matter. One thing you don’t do is wish the summer away – YOU. JUST. DON’T.

It seems like since August 1, I have been craving the fall. I have been trying to suppress this craving, afraid for it to surface. I have no idea what it is, after all it is still pretty hot here. I think it must be from all the ‘back to school’ ads. Back to school = fall, even if September is still considered summer.

I can’t seem to wait for the dark nail polish, the hot lattes, the fuzzy socks, the cozy blankets, the cool mornings, the cinnamon, the pumpkins, the hot soups, Jamie intently watching football, soft pretzels, the yoga pants, the scarfs, the chunky sweaters. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

But I am trying to. I am trying to suck in as much summer as possible. I have been trying to sit outside on the deck for a little bit each day with my Kindle. I have been trying to embrace the heat, even if it is just for a little bit longer.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.18.32 AM

After all, it won’t be long before I am longing to be doing just that. Once fall comes, it is like we have 1 month of perfect weather and then it is just a burden.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.19.24 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.22.03 AM



I Tried Boating

“Sail away from the safe harbour” – Mark Twain

For the past few months Jamie has been obsessed with the thought of getting a boat. I never understood the whole ‘boating’ things. I own a pair a Toms and figured that was good enough.

The opportunity came for Jamie and his brother to purchase a boat and they jumped on it. They picked it up Monday, and Jamie has been smitten ever since.


Last night I was invited to go, and I apprehensively did – I even bought a boating hat! As I mentioned on Instagram, it was the first time I was on a boat which didn’t serve dinner while touring the harbour at sunset. And you know what? It wasn’t THAT bad. I still don’t really understand the ‘obsession’, but I got a lot of sun and reading in and that was pretty cool.



The boys had a wonderful time fishing, and they were kind enough to let me snap pictures quite often.





Until next time…


Iced Tea Obsession

“You gotta stop in and ask Miss Bell for some of her sweet tea, then a left will take you to the interstate, but a right will bring you right back here to me” – Billy Currington: Good Directions

I have previously mentioned how much I hate tea. I so desperately want to like it, but once it is in my mouth I cannot swallow and end up gagging. By gagging I mean choking. What always struck me as odd was the fact I love iced tea, yet cannot stand hot tea. A few weeks ago, I discovered David’s Tea sells tea (obviously) but for the intent of being cold. I was thrilled and had to try it.

If you follow me on instagram it will would easy to see how fast I got addicted to it.

PicMonkey Collage

I now have a quarter of a cupboard full of different teas I am pretty excited by it. Although it is not hot tea, nor herbal or spice tasting (it has to be fruity) I somewhat consider myself a tea-ish drinker! Maybeeeee, just don’t invite me over for tea!

My all time favourite combo would have to be Pink Passionfruit and Pink Lemonade. It almost tastes like the delicious “passion tea lemonade” from starbucks!

Do you like tea?
What has been your drink of summer?!